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Trojan.Ranbot!gen1 Removal Guide – How to Remove Trojan.Ranbot!gen1 instantly

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Trojan.Ranbot!gen1 is a Trojan horse that downloads malicious files to the compromised computer. The Trojan is capable to connect to its server or certain domains. And then hackers can attack the system via the connection. When your computer warns you of Trojan.Ranbot!gen1, your pc is infected and you need to remove the Trojan immediately. Before learning effective ways to wipe off the Trojan, you should know more about the infection and its symptoms. It changes system settings and browser settings to enable the connection without authority. It >>> Read More

Trojan.Mowhorc – How Can I Remove Trojan.Mowhorc instantly

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Trojan.Mowhorc is a Trojan horse virus that can lead to data corruption and document loss. The Trojan is especially designed to infect word documents on the compromised computer. When it invades your computer, it will create related files and registry entries. It scans for file extension of .doc and .docx, encrypt then and add a copy of itself. Whenever you run a word document, Trojan.Mowhorc will be triggered. The Trojan can rename the infected files, such as changing them to exe file extension. This action will ruin data stored in the word fi >>> Read More

Trojan.Ransom.Gen Removal – How to Remove Trojan.Ransom.Gen completely

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Trojan.Ransom.Gen refers to a group of harmful Trojans such as Trojan.Ransomlock.R. The threat can access internet and its server without users’ acknowledgment and hackers will regular update new release. When the Trojan penetrates into your computer, it will first drop lots of malicious files on the hard drive and then change windows registry so that it can run automatically at windows startup. Meanwhile, Trojan.Ransom.Gen collect and steal sensitive information such as account information, passwords, favorite websites and so on. Are you suff >>> Read More

How to Remove Trojan.Winlock!gen1 easily and safely

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Trojan.Winlock!gen1 is a rootkit Trojan that could disguise itself in the kernel and it is even hard for a security program to detect it in some circumstances. The Trojan is mainly designed to steal data from the compromised system. When delivering the collected data, the Trojan will interrupt incoming and outgoing internet traffic. Trojan.Winlock!gen1 will gain system information such as DNS and Host File, and personal data like users names, credit card data and passwords. Meanwhile, the Trojan allows hackers to transfer malicious data to the >>> Read More