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Mixi.DJ Toolbar – How to Remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar completely

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on February 16th, 2013 | Leave a comment
Mixi.DJ Toolbar is classified as unwanted toolbar. The browser add-on must be installed manually. To gain more users it uses deceptive method, such as bundling with other programs. Mixi.DJ Toolbar has toolbar and messenger, both of which are not recommended to install on the computer. They are bundled with each other. For example, if you do not remove the messenger you can not get rid of the toolbar. The adware will change internet browser settings and replace the homepage with fake search engine. The site provides a search engine system, which >>> Read More

How to Remove PUA.RoclaToolbar quickly

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on January 13th, 2013 | Leave a comment
PUA.RoclaToolbar is a potentially unwanted application that installs a toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. The toolbar must be installed manually. Some users are cheated by misleading websites while some users install the toolbar when install a desired program. PUA.RoclaToolbar attaches to some shareware and freeware. You may get the toolbar installed if you do not uncheck the related item when you install programs. Once installed, it will bring annoying problems like browser redirection and unwanted pop-up. The toolbar is classified as >>> Read More