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What is ApMsgFwd.exe file and how to fix ApMsgFwd.exe error?

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on April 27th, 2013 | Leave a comment
The file ApMsgFwd.exe is part of ApMsgFwd developed by Alps Electric Co., Ltd. That usually comes with DELL notebooks. Sometimes, it might be used by some other programs on the PC and that is why we regard ApMsgFwd.exe as a user invoked program and a normal part of PC operations. Typically, the file is located under C:\Program Files\apoint2k folder. If you find it some other else location of the system, it might be a virus, spyware or malware. At this time, you should take instant actions to deal with it so as to prevent some unexpected ApMsgFw >>> Read More

Wuauclt.exe error fix – Solve wuauclt.exe error the simplest way

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“Wuauclt.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” The above wuauclt.exe error message keeps popping up when you are browsing a webpage and drives you mad? First of all, you should know that the wuauclt.exe is a very important system file which is located under: C:\Windows\System32 folder. It most of the time belongs to your Windows Auto-update client and it’s the one responsible for detecting new updates for your Windows OS. If it goes wrong, neither the computer nor some installed program won’ >>> Read More

Audiodg.exe error fix – Repair audiodg.exe error on your own

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on April 3rd, 2013 | Leave a comment
The file audiodg.exe is a part of Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is widely used by some system services like audio drivers. This way, the users can run them in different and isolated login session from the locally logged-in user. Sometimes, it helps to ensure that all contents and plug-ins cannot be modified by other applications, for example, by a spyware. However, sometimes this file can be severely attacked and bring in thousands of audiodg.exe error messages on the computer together with some other errors like BSOD System Service Exception >>> Read More

What is wuauclt.exe file and how to fix wuauclt.exe error?

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on January 6th, 2013 | Leave a comment
The process wuauclt.exe is part of the Windows Update process and used to check for the Microsoft website for any potential Windows software or hardware updates. Typically, it may load automatically as you start up the computer and can be found under the Task Manager. It is a legitimate process which won’t do any harm to the computer. But once it get infected or attacked, it may bring in kinds of wuauclt.exe error messages or other problems to the PC. >>> Read More

Client008 has stopped working Windows 7 – Solve client008.exe error on Win 7 now

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on December 14th, 2012 | Leave a comment
Client008.exe is a process file from company Development belonging to product Client008 and it used widely by many computer users. However, some Windows 7 users complained that they keep on receiving a “client008.exe has stopped working” message and fail to run the computer properly. Yeah, the client008 has stopped working has been a major concern for many PC users right now; but here, you may get some solutions to fix it on your own now. >>> Read More

Wermgr.exe Application Error – Guides to fix wermgr.exe error instantly

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Are you getting a wermgr.exe Application Error message constantly while using the PC and want to get rid of it immediately? Wermgr.exe is a system process that mainly used by the machine to open and execute some software-required files properly. With its help, the computer and some certain programs will run correctly all the time without errors. However, a wermgr.exe error message is telling you that associated wermgr.exe processes are missing or corrupted from the Applications folder, and you may fail to recall it correctly. >>> Read More

What causes Dfsvc.exe error and how to fix it instantly?

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While trying to download a program or application from the Internet, the users will annoyingly get an error indicating “Dfsvc.exe has encountered a problem and has to close” or “Dfsvc.exe has stopped working”. I think no matter in downloading which program you can get Dfsvc.exe error message, it can drive you mad. But what the hell causes this exe error and how can you fix Dfsvc.exe error instantly? Common causes of Dfsvc.exe error *Keyboard issue *Miscellaneous corruption *Corrupt Dfsvc.exe file. *Missing Dfsvc.exe file. *Missing or corru >>> Read More

Winload.exe is missing or corrupt – Fix winload.exe error instantly

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“The application or the operating system could not be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors. File:\windows\system32\winload.exe Error code: 0xc0000001” It is quite common for a user to get a winload.exe error message while using the PC and fail to run the computer or the program properly. Seriously, it may finally freeze up or crash the computer at sometime. So, why does a winload.exe go missing or corrupted and how can you fix it? >>> Read More

Is ccmexec.exe safe and how to repair ccmexec.exe error?

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Is the ccmexec.exe file safe? Some users find that the ccmexec.exe always running in the background with high CPU usage, but do not know what it is. Some claim that it could be a virus or a spyware process. Absolutely not, ccmexec.exe is a part of the Microsoft SMS (Systems Management Server) suite and used to distribute software patches to the machines on a network. Why it takes higher CPU usage or why a ccmexec.exe error keeps appearing frequently has something to do with some unknown problems on the PC. Here, you will get some solutions to r >>> Read More

Services.exe using 100 CPU – Solve services.exe error effectively

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on October 23rd, 2012 | Leave a comment
Is the services.exe using 100 CPU on your computer? Do you think that services.exe is a type of virus or Trojan? I think many users have these confusions. Actually, the services.exe is a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System to manage the operation of starting and stopping services on the computer. Besides, it is also used to deal with the automatic starting of services during the computers boot-up and the stopping of services during shut-down. When something goes wrong, you will come to the chance to get a services.exe using 100 CPU i >>> Read More