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Trojan.Bicol Removal Guide – How to Remove Trojan.Bicol from Your PC

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on February 16th, 2013 | Leave a comment
Trojan.Bicol is a harmful Trojan horse released recently. The Trojan can change the hosts file on the compromised computer and redirect the web browser to malicious websites. The Trojan can access a computer via several ways such as malicious domain, malicious download, spam emails and p2p software. When your web browser is redirected, it is easy to get infected by other kinds of pc threats. Trojan.Bicol will drop malicious files and registry entries on the system and then it can run randomly at windows startup. It takes up large system resourc >>> Read More

How to Remove Protectedsearch.com Browser Hijacker Virus

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on January 23rd, 2013 | Leave a comment
Protectedsearch.com containing a normal search engine is classified as suspicious domain. The site itself does not damage the computer, but it is considered as unwanted since it uses browser hijacker technique to gain traffic. Most of the time, users are redirected to Protectedsearch.com unexpectedly. Meanwhile, it is distributed by freeware and shareware, which may change your web browser settings such as homepage during installation. Browser redirection is likely to cause by toolbar, too. It is found that the search engine displays ads and so >>> Read More

How to Remove Search3o.com Browser Hijacker Virus

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on January 15th, 2013 | Leave a comment
Search3o.com containing a fake search system is classified as malicious domain associated with browser hijacker virus. Experts detect the domain is involved in some malicious activities when a user visit the site. One of the reasons why the site is considered suspicious is it gains traffic by redirection. If you use Search3o.com, you will notice the site can not provide real information besides suspicious sites and advertisement. The sites appearing in the first few pages pay back to the fake search system for the high rank. It is dangerous to >>> Read More

How to Remove Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw easily

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on January 7th, 2013 | Leave a comment
Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw is a kind of Trojan virus  designed to redirect web browser to various misleading websites. By displaying ads on the infected computer, the Trojan will cheat victims to buy something they may be interested in. Even the users do not fall into the trap, the trojan will damage your system in other aspects. Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw could receive various comments from the remote attackers. For example, the Trojan could download files, install updates, upload files as well as display messages or pop-up. It is a disaster to hav >>> Read More