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Kepsy Worm – How to Remove Kepsy completely from PC

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on February 1st, 2013 | Leave a comment
Kepsy is a kind of worm virus that is able to copy itself as many as possible to infect removable drives and network shared files. It will scan for usb drives and then create malicious files folders on it. Meanwhile, it creates a copy of itself on the compromised computer and disguises itself as a legitimate system file. Kepsy can run at windows start up by adding related registry entries and can restore itself when corrupted. >>> Read More

W32.Phopifas Removal – How to Remove W32.Phopifas easily

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on October 11th, 2012 | Leave a comment
W32.Phopifas is one of the latest computer worms that can copy itself rapidly and spread over the network. The worm can take up as high as 90% of system resource as a result the infected computer runs extremely slow and system tends to freeze up. If your computer is infected by W32.Phopifas, you need a powerful antispyware program to remove it as soon as possible. W32.Phopifas is a destructive threat. The worm is an independent program, which means it does not need to attach to any host program. It can reduplicate on its own. Its malicious acti >>> Read More