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The Online Scan Speed Upgraded – Spyware Cease 6.2 Released!

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on January 8th, 2010 | Leave a comment

Continuing to bring all computer users surprise in PC security protection, Spyware Cease R & D team happily announces the release of Spyware Cease 6.2 on January 6, 2010. Specifically featured in the upgraded Online Scan function, Spyware Cease 6.2 will undoubtedly help make the PC security protection more effective and convenient.

Since the deep Online Scan function was released with Spyware Cease 5.0, we have gladly received a lot of feedbacks from users about this advanced spyware detection technology. Therefore, thanks should be delivered to all the users of Spyware Cease, especially those who always help improve our Spyware Cease program with their feedbacks and support. Spyware Cease R & D team has also been keeping researching and perfecting the technology applied in the Spyware Cease program. These are how Spyware Cease 6.2 comes up to us.

Spyware Cease 6.2 has enhanced significantly the speed of the Online Scan by twice to three times, which means less time will be taken to complete an online scan. However, users should know that there are two factors that will impact the time an online scan takes: 1) User’s network connection speed. 2) The number of the unknown files found on user’s computer. For all the users’ convenience, Spyware Cease 6.2 displays at the interface of the Scan function the signal strength associated with the Online Scan speed on each computer.

Meanwhile, the total number of spyware signature in database of Spyware Cease has expanded to 834,158. This also contributes to the effectiveness of the Full Scan – the traditional local scan engine – one of the double scan engine Spyware Cease applies.

All in all, with higher correct detection rate and more effective removal utility, Spyware Cease 6.2 can definitely bring you a safer computer environment with ease. All computer users are warmly welcome to download the latest updated Spyware Cease 6.2 from http://www.spywarecease.com/download.php, and all Spyware Cease subscribers are also welcome to update their Spyware Cease to version 6.2. Try Spyware Cease 6.2 now, to free from spyware threats and get a better computer experience!

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