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Tips for Force Uninstalling Pc Clean Expert from Windows

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on February 25th, 2013 | Leave a comment


Pc Clean Expert is an easy-to-use but powerful system optimization and cleaning tool. Most of the time, we need to uninstall unused program from computer. Do you want to learn how to quickly and thoroughly remove Pc Clean Expert? If you need Windows program removal help, please follow this step by step Pc Clean Expert uninstall tutorial that has been proven to be a 100% complete removal!

To remove Pc Clean Expert, users usually go to Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, which can be performed by following steps:

1. First open Pc Clean Expert, click File, and then click Exit. This will make sure that Pc Clean Expert is completely shut down before proceeding.

2. Go to: ‘Start > Control Panel’ and double click on ‘Add or Remove Programs’. You may have to switch your view to Classic View to see Add or Remove Programs icon.

3. In Add or Remove Programs, scroll down the list to locate the current version of Pc Clean Expert installed on your computer.

4. Once you have located it, click it once to highlight it. You should now see the option to remove the software.

5. You will be prompted and asked if you are sure that you want to remove Pc Clean Expert.

Select Yes.

6. The uninstaller will begin to run. Various windows may pop up during the uninstall process. Do not cancel the uninstall process. This may take anywhere from 3‐10 minutes depending on your system.

7. Once the uninstall process has completed, restart your system.


Manual methods of deletion do exist for getting rid of the Pc Clean Expert application; however they are not as effective at completely removing the file when compared to a legit Pc Clean Expert removal tool. You will have to use the windows registry and locate all the files individually to get rid of it. But this action is only recommended for advanced computer users. If you delete something valuable it cannot be reversed, so you run the risk of destroying your entire operating system.


Safe and Easy Way to Uninstall Pc Clean Expert

When you are in a need of removing Pc Clean Expert and other programs, you can complete the removals very easily with the right tools. I personally had great success with the professional uninstall tool named Perfect Uninstaller. Not only does it remove main program but also other all the components and leftover files of the program from system one and for all. What’s more, you can free download Perfect Uninstaller and install it on your computer within one minute. See? This is exactly what I’m talking about. You can also successfully and easily uninstall unwanted Pc Clean Expert within steps.


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