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Tips on Permanently Uninstalling Hotspot Shield Toolbar from Windows

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Hotspot Shield Toolbar is a browser add-on for Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. The toolbar is known to monitor your search queries and browsing habits in order to send you targeted ads and modify your search settings and results. Do you like to remove Hotspot Shield Toolbar from your Windows? Learn how to uninstall toolbar with tutorial in this page.

Uninstalling Hotspot Shield Toolbar Toolbar from Internet Explorer

1. Reset your homepage and search option.

2. Go to Tools icon, click on Internet Options, and then select your homepage.

3. To change the Search option, click the Settings.

4. Click the name of your preferred search provider, and then Set as default.

5. To remove Hotspot Shield Toolbar, select it and click Remove.


Uninstall Hotspot Shield Toolbar Toolbar from Firefox Browser

1. To change the Search option, click the search button.

2. Then select the Manage Search Engines.

3. Select Hotspot Shield Toolbar Toolbar and click Remove.

4. Lastly, change your homepage.


Uninstalling Hotspot Shield Toolbar Toolbar from Safari users

1. Open the Finder application and browse to Applications.

2. Scroll down to Toolbars and click on Aviator Hats Community Toolbar.

3. Double-click on “Uninstall”.

4. Fill in the “User name & Password” and click the OK button.


Do you realize how much garbage it leaves behind even after being uninstalled from your browser? What to do next in thoroughly uninstalling Hotspot Shield Toolbar? You have to delete left-over files which will be left by the above process.

1. Press “Start” and then locate “My Computer”.

2. Go to “C:\Program Files”, search and find the left-over files of Hotspot Shield Toolbar.

3. After you’ve identified these files, choose the selected folder and click “SHIFT + DELETE” to remove them permanently.

4. Empty your recycle bin and then restart your PC.


If any of you still have problem on uninstalling Hotspot Shield Toolbar, it is highly recommended you to download an uninstall software, such as Perfect Uninstaller, despite the fact that you are using any version of Windows operating system. Aside from that, you should make it a good habit to remove programs with a Perfect Uninstaller instead of Windows add/remove programs, because only a uninstall program as such can thoroughly remove related registry entries, or those useless entries of Hotspot Shield Toolbar.


Do you have Vuze Toolbar or ALOT Toolbar that you want to remove from your computer? Use the method recommended in this article and you will be shocked by the result.

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