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Top Uninstall Guide – Ways to Remove Foxit Reader Completely from PC

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Foxit Reader is a lightweight and lightning quick utility for reading PDF files. Need assistance to remove Foxit Reader from your computer? It is not difficult to uninstall Foxit Reader, but it may be not easy for some computer users to remove it completely without any traces. Did you encounter problems when you are trying to uninstall Windows software from your computer? This article will share you some ways to completely uninstall Foxit Reader.

Generally, people would like to use Windows Add/Remove Programs this standard uninstall tool to help them uninstall unwanted programs. It is believed that Windows Add/Remove Programs always fail to completely uninstall programs. But if you can remove those related files and registry entries manually, then you can try Windows Add/Remove Programs.


Uninstall Foxit Reader via Windows Add/Remove Programs

1. Click Start and then click Control Panels.

2. On the Control Panels, highlight Add/Remove Programs and click it.

3. Locate to Foxit Reader on the list when all currently installed programs are listed.

4. Click Uninstall and follow the instruction.


Then delete all tracks of Foxit Reader from Registry:

1. Go to Start, Run, and type regedit.exe in the text box.

2. First, create a backup of your registry. Go to File and choose “Export”. Save this file in C:\, naming it registry-backup, regbackup or something easy to remember.

3. Now go to Edit, Find and type the program name in the search box, then press F3 to search.

4. You will find various items with the name you typed in. As soon as you find one related to Foxit Reader, delete it. Press F3 to search for another item, and stop when there are no more items to remove.


However, some users would suffer serious system problems and hardware problems several times because of the manual modification in the registry. We don’t recommend you take this risk. The safer and easier way to thoroughly remove Foxit Reader and any other programs is using a wonderful uninstall tool.


With an uninstall tool, you can fully uninstall any toolbars at ease. It is recommended for you to use Perfect Uninstaller. With this widely adopted uninstall tool at hand, you can uninstall any unwanted program totally and wipe out its files and registry entries. You can uninstall Foxit Reader completely, leaving no rubbish traces do harms to your computer.


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