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Tracking999.com – How to Remove Tracking999.com Redirect Virus

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on December 7th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Are you redirected to Tracking999.com randomly when you open a site or search in google? The website is associated with google redirect virus which will bring additional malicious components to the infected computer. Tracking999.com browser hijacker will change homepage, search engine, DNS settings and HOST files. The infection will affect all activities related to web browser. For example, you can not visit website related to security software. When you use a legitimate search engine like Yahoo or Google, the results are redirected to Tracking999.com or other site. The browser hijacker will monitor your online activities and records keystrokes and screenshot. When the data is sent to remote server, hackers will analyze your online habit and try to make money from displaying advertisement. So when unknown windows pop up you should be care not to click on them.

How to remove Tracking999.com redirect virus

Such kind of infection is very dangerous. Your computer can get infected by more Trojans when you surf the internet. The browser hijacker may drop malicious cookies on the web browser and open a back door for malicious download. The first few times your browser is redirected to Tracking999.com you should take action to remove the virus. Here are two methods for you.

Manual removal
If you know how to locate malicious files, kill process and modify windows registry, you could try to remove the virus manually. It bears certain risks if you delete a wrong file.
1. Clean up all cookies
2. Close web browser
3. Find out malicious files associated with Tracking999.com
4. Clean up related registry entries

Automatic removal
If you want to fix the redirected browser immediately, you can use a virus removal program to wipe off the infection. A virus removal program can take care of an infected computer automatically. No matter what kind of virus your pc has, a professional virus removal program can pick them up and remove them once for all. Do you which program can remove Tracking999.com browser hijacker effectively? If you are looking for one, you can download Spyware Cease here. The professional program is recommended by many pc experts.

1. Download and install Spyware Cease
2. Launch the program to update
3. Run a scan
4. Click remove button to get rid of Tracking999.com once for all

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