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Trojan.Dialer – How to Remove Trojan.Dialer instantly

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Trojan.Dialer is a dangerous trojan that makes use of your internet connection and dials a premium-rate telephone number without users authority. It leaves the line open which adds up the cost of the call to the user. You will not notice until you check your telephone bill. Trojan.Dialer may cause you not only huge financial problems but also serious computer problems. It’s an unfamiliar but important computer threat. You need to remove Trojan.Dialer completely and protect your computer against other attacks.

How does the Trojan damage the computer?
Once Trojan.Dialer gets into a computer, hackers would adopt the technique and start to deliver porn dialers to victims either through Trojan horse or other virus. They use the dialers to connect to high cost numbers or websites without users’ consciousness. This often result in a large bill.

How to remove Trojan.Dialer virus completely?
To effectively wipe off the trojan, what you need is a legitimate antivirus program. Of course, we could recommend a security program that can remove Trojan.Dialer virus with 100% guarantee. But for users who have an antivirus program, we recommend try your own one first with our tips to remove Trojan.Dialer.

1. Reboot your computer and press F8 during booting and enter Safe Mode with Networking
2. Remove all temporary files including temporary internet files
3. Remove files created by Trojan.Dialer listed above
4. Update your antivirus and run a system scan.
5. Remove all detected virus and restart computer immediately.

An antivirus program has become the most common way when users encounter an infection program, because an antivirus program could save lots of time and effort. Manual removal way costs hours and still does not guarantee a complete success, while an antivirus program could complete a thorough scan and find out Trojan.Dialer and other threats within an hour. Maybe your antivirus fails to delete the Trojan, but we have some recommendation that could certainly help you out of the trouble immediately. Spyware Cease is an advanced virus removal program which adopts powerful double scan engines. It can remove Trojans and also protect your pc against virus attack.

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