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Trojan.Mowhorc – How Can I Remove Trojan.Mowhorc instantly

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Trojan.Mowhorc is a Trojan horse virus that can lead to data corruption and document loss. The Trojan is especially designed to infect word documents on the compromised computer. When it invades your computer, it will create related files and registry entries. It scans for file extension of .doc and .docx, encrypt then and add a copy of itself. Whenever you run a word document, Trojan.Mowhorc will be triggered. The Trojan can rename the infected files, such as changing them to exe file extension. This action will ruin data stored in the word files. In addition to the specialized damage, the Trojan will also slow down the compromised computer, make system malfunction as well as changing system settings. To remove Trojan.Mowhorc completely, we have two solutions.

Method one: remove Trojan.Mowhorc manually
If you decide to remove the Trojan manually, you should back up important files or at least create a new system restore point. Since any little mistake could lead to severe damage the method is not widely used.
Step1. Use windows search to find the following Trojan.Mowhorc files and delete them


Step2. Run registry editor, locate the following Trojan.Mowhorc registry entries and remove them

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”ctfmoon.exe” = “%System%\Com\ctfmoon.exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”AUTOWORD” = “%System%\WINWORD.EXE”

Method two: use a virus removal program
Using a virus removal program to wipe off Trojan.Mowhorc is much safer than using manual method. A virus removal program can guarantee complete removal. When you have lots of word files, only a virus removal program can pick up all copies of the Trojan effectively. If you do not remove the copies completely, Trojan.Mowhorc will be restored after computer restarts.

An effective virus removal program like Spyware Cease can remove the Trojan completely and also repair the infected files. It is the fastest way to fix all problems. You just need to update the database, run a scan and then click remove button to get rid of Trojan.Mowhorc. If you are searching for such a program, you can count on Spyware Cease, a professional antispyware program.

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