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Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen Removal – How to Remove Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen easily

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on November 9th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen is a Trojan that is inserted into HTML pages. The fake HTML links are distributed via spam emails, malicious domains, fake search engine, and instant messenger software. It could disguise itself as messages from banks, financial institutions, online store and software companies etc. Once you click on the link Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen can access your computer instantly. Sometimes, a powerful antivirus program can stop the attack effectively. But once the Trojan gets into a pc, it is not easy to be removed. When you visit the fake site and enter any personal data, hackers will record the information and then use for malicious activities. Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen makes the web browser very vulnerable. Victims may encounter browser redirection and other browser problems. You should learn to protect your pc and remove Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen completely.

The Trojan is hard to be removed because it drops lots of malicious files on a compromised computer and can run randomly without being stopped by a security program. Any single related file has the ability to restore the Trojan when it is corrupted. Basically, there are two ways to wipe off Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen.

Way One: manual removal
Step1. End associated processes via task manager
Step2. Remove associated files
Step3 Remove registry entries dropped by Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen via registry editor

This is a brief instruction. Manual removal is much more difficult than what it is briefly listed here. Users without enough pc skill could not remove the Trojan manually and even may damage the computer by accident.

Way two: use a virus removal program to remove Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen
Comparing to manual way, this method is more widely used. A virus removal program is specially designed to scan the computer for threats and wipe off malicious threats. Meanwhile, some virus programs have the ability to protect computer from virus attacks in real time. You can get rid of Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen with an advanced virus removal program such as Spyware Cease. You do not have to worry whether the computer will be damaged and you do not have to be an expert. Just equip an advanced virus removal program on your pc and then it will take care of all the problems after running a system scan. If you have an antivirus program that can only detect Trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen, you can enter Safe Mode with Networking to run a scan.

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