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Troubleshoot and fix Windows 7 File Errors now

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on April 9th, 2013 | Leave a comment

There are times for some Windows 7 users to face with sudden application freezes, computer restarts, or even total system crashes…Besides, they will also come to the chance to get various error messages such as Windows 7 Display Error or annoying Windows BSOD 0Xc00000e9. Essentially, this issue could be caused due to a file or application error in the Windows 7 system. Just keep on reading, and you may get some solutions on how to fix Windows 7 file errors instantly.

Windows 7 error message

To deal with a Windows 7 file error, first you have to make sure all files on the system are clean and compact all the time. To do this, simply follow these steps:

*Click Start, Type CMD in the box and press Enter to go to bring in the command prompt (also called a DOS Box). Alternatively, you can go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, and then Command Prompt.
* Right click on Command Prompt or CMD instead and click Run as Administrator. By default, you may need to enter a password.
*Within the command prompt window, type “sfc/scannow” (without quotes). Thus, the Windows built-in System File Checker will automatically verify all files and repair any existing files that are corrupted, missing or broken.

If possible, take several minutes to check & repair hard disk errors, clean up some unneeded files /folders /programs, defragment the hard disk and repair some missing system files. Even though these steps sound a little simple, they help to solve the Windows 7 file errors effectively.

Then, you should thoroughly check and remove PC threats from the computer. We know that it is able for PC threats to spread and infect PCs all over the Internet if there are not enough protection tools on the PC. Simply speaking, even though your computer is only for daily computer usage, you can also come to the chance to be infected via email or some instant chat. Once such threats get onto the computer, they will greatly eat up the system resource so as to do what they want on the PC. When some system files have been infected, attacked or disguised, you will soon fail to run the Windows 7 computer properly because of some file error messages. Directly download and install a professional anti-virus antispyware program to let it scan and get rid of all PC threats now. Once the system is cleaned, it will be able to start running like new again.

After all the above Windows 7 file error fix steps, you could completely check and repair all registry errors. To make it very short – all your software and hardware are all stored within the Windows registry database. This way, both the computer and all installed programs can work correctly all the time. However, this database is quite easy to be attacked & destroy as you uninstall a program incompletely, or when the PC gets infected, thus bring in unexpected errors to the computer. When tome system required entries have been mis-removed and cannot be located properly, you will soon encounter a Windows 7 file error message. Hence, it is quite important that you should keep the Windows registry database clean and compact all the time. You can do this by simply running a registry cleaning tool twice a week. It helps to easily detect and remove all errors inside the registry database within clicks.

Simply speaking, the Windows operating system runs properly with the help of various files saved on the PC. If you are facing with a Windows 7 file error message right now, do not ignore it and you’d better take instant actions to check & fix it as quickly as possible.

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