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Troubleshot and fix Microsoft Office error 25090 easily

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One common error that a PC user comes across recently while using Microsoft Office 2007 on a client machine should be an error 25090. That is, whenever you open any Office program, it would give me this error message: “Error 25090. Office Setup encountered a problem with the Office Source Engine, system error: -2147023836.”

error 25090 in Microsoft Office

Such Microsoft error may stop you from opening your Office document and finish some jobs correctly as usual. But we know that it is quite necessary for us to rely on the Microsoft Office program either for our work or study in our daily life. So, how can we troubleshoot and fix Microsoft Office error 25090 easily?

A Microsoft Office error 25090 might happen when the previous office files are not being completely uninstalled from the computer. And now, you will get solutions here to quickly get rid of all the leftover files and reinstall the Microsoft Office on your computer properly. In order to completely uninstall the previous office program and then install the Microsoft Office again, you should go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs (XP)/Programs and Features (Vista & Win 7) to locate all the office programs and uninstall them from the computer. Here, you need to search for all Office content and remove all of them.

Then, you can download the Office program from the Internet and place it on your hard drive. In many instances, the “Windows Update” feature will either corrupt this file, or download the wrong one – making it impossible for your computer to use it. Downloading the package directly to your hard drive, and then installing it that way; this will allow your PC to run smoothly and effectively; and could stop the Microsoft Office error 25090 in its tracks.

Sometimes, you can repair .NET 2.0 Framework installation when trying to repair error 25090 in Microsoft Office as a corrupt version can also bring in the appearance of this Microsoft Office error or frequent computer freezing. To repair your .NET Framework 2.0, you should
* Click start menu and run Control Panel
* Double-click Add/remove program
*Find out Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in the list and click Change/Remove button next to it
* Select Repair and follow prompt to finish the repair process.

After reparing .NET Framework, check whether the error 25090 on Microsoft Office is fixed. If not, go on the next solution.

Finally, it is best that you can run a registry cleaner product after the program uninstalltion. A removal job of Microsoft Office from Add/Remove Programs most of the time will leave over some related entries in the Windows registry to greatly mess it up. When the system cannot be able to quickly or smoothly access its required files to load your Office program, you will also get the Microsoft Office error 25090 messages even though you have uninstalled the previous Office program from the computer. Besides, a registry product helps quickly fix other computer errors just like amtservices.dll crash to optimize PC performance to the top every day.

In a word, no matter you are a computer technician or a newbie, you are able to easily troubleshoot and fix Microsoft Office error 25090 easily with the above solutions as well as maintain PC performance. Thus, you can enjoy the computer pleasantly without issues from now on.

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