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Tutorial on How to Force Uninstall Image Blender from Your PC

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on February 4th, 2013 | Leave a comment

The Image Blender app is a easy and wonderful way to blend different images together to get a unique look. To uninstall Image Blender, you first need to make up able to delete any component part of the program that will be running and then make sure that your system has no remnants odd on your organization. If you have less knowledge on uninstalling Windows program, you can perform the complete Image Blender removal by following instruction below.

Steps to remove Image Blender from Windows

1. Press Crtl + Alt + Del at the same time. This will bring up the windows task manager. Click on the Applications tab and highlight Image Blender. If you can’t find it then it isn’t running and you can move onto step 2. If it is present then click End Task.


2. Click on the Control Panel from within the Start menu and select the Add/remove programs tab. This will show you all of the programs that are currently installed on your computer. Find Image Blender and click Remove.


Doing this will remove the program from your computer but this does not completely remove all of its files. The traces left will have to be deleted as well. Second task is to remove the files, settings, etc left behind by this particular software.

1. Go to START and select My Computer.

2. When it loads, click “C:/Program Files/” and find all the files of the program.

3. Identify those entries coming from Microsoft Security Essentials and delete them.

(To permanently delete the files from the PC without passing through Recycle Bin, select the folders and press Shift + Delete combination keys.)

4. After doing these, make sure that you restart the computer for the system to be refreshed.


If you are afraid of doing wrong steps of manual deletion, there is another way for you to fully uninstall Image Blender, which is using a powerful uninstall tool named Perfect Uninstaller. With Perfect Uninstaller at hand, you can uninstall Image Blender totally, including other software like GetPDF Splitter Merger and HD Tune Pro.


Force Image Blender uninstall instruction

1. Quit al the running programs on your system

2. Force Uninstall (one directory a time, multifiles a time by left click to select)

3. Right click each of the directories (or selected files) to select “Uninstall with Perfect Uninstaller” to start the removal. (Also note that the Perfect Uninstaller is not running on your computer when you are going to force Uninstall)

4. Follow the on screen steps to finish the removal.

5. Repeat the Force Uninstall process until all the directories and files of Image Blender are gone.

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