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Twain_32.dll error fix – Simple solutions to Twain_32.dll error

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on February 23rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

The file Twain_32.dll belongs to the Source Manager from the Twain Working Group; but during the usage of the computer, lots of users experience various errors surrounding this particular file such as any of the following one:
* Twain_32.dll Not Found
* This application failed to start because Twain_32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
* Cannot find H:Windows\Twain_32.dll
* The file Twain_32.dll is missing.

repair Twain_32.dll error

Commonly, this error occurs when the file is damaged/ corrupt or when the computer gets infected or contains some other unknown errors, causing unexpected program or PC crashes at any time. No matter what the cause is, here I will explain how you can prevent and fix Twain_32.dll error simply.

Simple solutions to Twain_32.dll error
When getting the Twain_32.dll error, locate your whole PC to see whether you can find a copy of this file on your computer or not. Just check the folder: C:\windows\system32 to check whether it is there. If it is put under other directory, just copy and paste it to C:\windows\system32. If you cannot find a copy on your computer, try to find it on your Windows installation disk or download an exact one from the Internet, and paste it under the location: C:\windows\system32.

Also, you can reinstall the applications which report the Twain_32.dll error. If the Twain_32.dll error comes from a 3rd party software, try uninstalling it to see whether it solves the problem. Some programs will greatly save you the trouble from doing that by including a “Repair” option when you try to uninstall it. This method sometimes helps to retrieve the missing dll file in order to fix Twain_32.dll error.

After the above steps, you should know that malicious software likes to attack DLL files because of the access it grants them to different areas of Windows, so sometimes the virus infection will bring in the Twain_32.dll error. So the third thing you need to do when trying to solve the computer error is to run your antivirus antispyware program to get rid of PC infections.

However, the most common thing you should do when trying to fix Twain_32.dll error is to repair Windows registry errors. Windows registry is the central database for the Windows system which is used to store vital files, settings & options of the computer to ensure the smooth and proper running of the computer. However, it is very easy for this database to get damaged while you uninstall programs or remove files from the computer – stop the system from successfully running the processes it needs or using its required files properly. So if all the above solutions do not help to fix the Twain_32.dll error, do remember to thoroughly scan your whole system with a trusted registry cleaning program and repair all errors inside this database. Such products are designed to fix dll errors easily by re-registering the registry entries within clicks.

Well, those are the common things that you can do in daily life to prevent and stop the appearance of Twain_32.dll error. If you find the manual solutions difficult, download the Dll error fixer tool here. It may completely scan the whole PC for any missing, corrupted dll files and re-register them automatically for you.

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