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Uninstall and Remove Memeo Instant Backup Thoroughly from PC

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on January 25th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Do you get troubled when you try to completely remove all traces of Memeo Instant Backup? If you don’t know how to fully remove Windows software and its components from your computer thoroughly, please follow the instructions below to safely get rid of Memeo Instant Backup including their folders and associated entries out of your computer.

To attempt to remove Memeo Instant Backup manually, follow the steps below:

Step One: Click Start, and then go to Control Panel.

Step Two: Enable Add or Remove Programs utility.

Step Three: From Currently installed programs, find out Memeo Instant Backup, and then scroll to it.

Step Four: Click Remove and then click Remove All to remove it.

Step Five: Directly ignore the Subscription Period Warning, and then click Next.

Step Six: Follow the uninstall wizard to finish uninstalling tool and then restart PC.


What to do next in thoroughly uninstalling Memeo Instant Backup? You have to delete left-over files which will be left by the above process.

1. Press “Start” and then locate “My Computer”.

2. Go to “C:\Program Files”, search and find the left-over files of Memeo Instant Backup.

3. After you’ve identified these files, choose the selected folder and click “SHIFT + DELETE” to remove them permanently.

4. Empty your recycle bin and then restart your PC.


Fast way to uninstall Memeo Instant Backup

There are a few of these programs available, which work very well to remove every trace of programs on your computer. We’ve found that the most effective uninstaller tool is called Perfect Uninstaller.


Perfect Uninstaller has basically three important functions:

It helps to remove the program that the user wants.

It effectively helps to scan your driver to find any related files.

And it also helps the user to scan the registry to find any related files at the least possible time span.


You can use it to remove any program we want, no matter whether of Memeo Instant Backup, FinalBurner or File Recovery Assist. The removal just can be achieved with the following steps:

Step1. Run Perfect Uninstaller

Step2. Double click the program to be uninstalled in “Display Name” list to start the removal

Step3. Find the Memeo Instant Backup directory directly in the hard drive where you locate the program to be uninstalled

Step4. Right click the folder to select “Force Uninstall” to start the Memeo Instant Backup removal

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