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Uninstall Guide for Hide My IP 2009 – How to Delete Hide My IP 2009 Completely

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Hide My IP is easy to use software that allows you to hide your IP address at the click of a button on Windows or Mac. Do you know how to uninstall Hide My IP 2009? When you need to reinstall the program, make sure you fully uninstall the old Hide My IP 2009. If you are looking for a way to remove Windows software, this instruction is recommended for you.

To uninstall Hide My IP 2009, first you need to end all the processes from running. To do this, open Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-DEL, then go to processes. Stop and terminate the executable program.


Then go to the start menu and then the program’s sub-menu. There should be an uninstall option listed there. Simply follow the instructions when you select Norman Malware Cleaner, and the software will remove itself completely. If it isn’t listed under the menu, remove Hide Folders 2009 with standard Add/Remove Programs.

Here are the steps:

1. Open Control Panels on the Start Menu.

2. Click Add/Remove Programs on the interface and then make a full search through your system.

3. Soon, you will see all currently installed programs are all listed, highlight Norman Malware Cleaner.

4. Click Uninstall next to it and follow the prompts to complete the uninstall.


Manual removal procedure is not simple as you think. Be patient as it will usually take long time to complete the antispyware uninstall. You may encounter larger software that takes more time to remove.


Recommended method to uninstall Hide My IP 2009

The best way to uninstall Hide My IP 2009 is to download and run a professional program uninstall tool as such kind of products helps to greatly detect and remove all entries of the products from the computer. And Perfect Uninstaller is one that will do the job perfectly for you.


To uninstall Hide My IP 2009 completely, perform the below steps:

1. Download and install Perfect Uninstaller on your computer.

2. Locate & highlight the Hide My IP 2009 and select “Uninstall” to begin the removal process.

3. Click “Next” to proceed when the below steps appear.

4. Perfect Uninstaller is scanning all related Hide My IP 2009 entries on your computer and then click “Next”.

5. Click “Yes” to uninstall Hide My IP 2009 from your computer.


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