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Uninstall Guide for InsideClipboard – How to Delete Unwanted InsideClipboard

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on January 24th, 2013 | Leave a comment

InsideClipboard is a free utility designed to display all binary contents of all file formats saved in the clipboard. Do you want to uninstall InsideClipboard? Do you always have trouble with uninstalling program completely from your computer? Have a look at this instruction. What you have to do is just a few clicks.


Typically talking, the most common method to uninstall InsideClipboard is to windows management panel.

Step1: Click Start on your computer.

Step2: Click Control Panel.

Step3: Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon (Windows Vista / Windows 7 users click Uninstall Programs).

Step4: The Add/Remove Programs dialog window displays.

Step5: Locate the InsideClipboard in the list of installed programs and click once to highlight it.

Step6: Be sure to choose all InsideClipboard products you have installed.

Step7: Click the Add/Remove (or Uninstall) button.

Step8: If at any time you are prompted to remove shared files, answer Yes to all.

Step9: Windows will complete the uninstall process.


If you finish the above steps, you should take the following essential steps to clean up leftover items:

1. Search for files related to InsideClipboard.

2. Search for folders named as InsideClipboard.

3. Open HKEL_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Delete all the files related to InsideClipboard.


Are you able to precisely delete every one of the “leftover” aspects of an item of InsideClipboard out of your PC? If the job is a bit difficult for you, we don’t recommend you take a chance. Any failed deletion will lead to system error. So how to force uninstall InsideClipboard from your system safely and thoroughly? Another option should be to download a third-party uninstaller tool.


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