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Uninstall Internet Access Controller – Remove Internet Access Controller with Ease

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Internet Access Controller is a software tool for controlling, blocking web sites and restricting internet and network access. One day you will need to uninstall Internet Access Controller from your computer. Removing unneeded program makes your computer run faster and more stable. Want to immediately and completely uninstall windows software from your computer? This tutorial makes the Internet Access Controller uninstalling process easier.

Manually get rid of Internet Access Controller is slightly tedious because you need to delete each file that has been infected. You would first need to end the process of Internet Access Controller and then remove the program.

1. Stop the following processes or directly boot the computer into safe mode to quit all running processes.

2. Then go to Start, and then Settings, Control Panel; double click on “Add/Remove Programs”.

3. Locate & highlight Internet Access Controller and then click on “Change or Remove”.

4. Wait until the uninstallation steps above finishes.


Due to the fact that there is some files generated both in drives and the registry when installing Internet Access Controller program on your computer, the error is bound to occur if the files and the registry keys cannot be completely removed. To make sure that there is none of file associated Internet Access Controller locating on your computer, you can search from “Start”. Regarding to the registry, go to the Run => Regedit to delete/disable the registry key relating to Internet Access Controller. But it is almost impossible to finish this step for not all people are professional on computers. Other than that, as registry plays a very important role to your PC, any improper operation will disastrously make the computer corrupted.


How Can You Safely and Automatically Uninstall Internet Access Controller

To make sure that the Internet Access Controller is successfully removed from your computer, using the powerful uninstaller program will be your final solution. A reliable uninstall tool should be able to uninstall programs that Add/Remove Programs cannot; remove incomplete installations, and corrupt programs; force uninstall hidden applications installed in your system; faster than then standard Windows Add/Remove Programs.


So, if you want to force uninstall Internet Access Controller, then you should follow steps below:

Step1. Click here to free download Perfect Uninstaller.

Step2. Operate it and highlight Internet Access Controller on the list.

Step3. Click Uninstall and follow the prompts.

Step4. Within one minute, you can succeed in removing Internet Access Controller files and entries.


Other applications or software such as HD Tune Pro and ClaroRead can also be removed in minutes.

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