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Uninstall PC Tools Threatfire – Steps for Simple PC Tools Threatfire Uninstall

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PC Tools Threatfire is a free behaviour-based antivirus utility that provides guards against new and unknown threats which signature-based scanners might otherwise miss. Uninstalling security software should be a relatively simple process for a computer savvy person, which just need to take steps to do. However, it can be annoying and frustrating trying to remove PC Tools Threatfire from PC for computer novice. If you need help for uninstalling PC Tools Threatfire I’m about to show you.

How to uninstall PC Tools Threatfire via Safe Mode?

1. Restart your PC first.

2. While you are waiting for the welcome page, press F8 button on your keyboard.

3. Click on Safe Mode and then Enter so that you can enter Safe Mode.

4. Open Start Menu, then click on Run.

5. Enter appwiz.cpl, then highlight PC Tools Threatfire on the list.

6. Click Uninstall, then follow the instructions to complete the uninstall.

7. Restart your PC again.


This should have uninstalled PC Tools Threatfire as stated, but if you can still see “PC Tools Threatfire” folder at C:/Program Files, it means this program isn’t completely removed. Below are the manual uninstalling instructions for PC Tools Threatfire:

1. Go back to the registry editor by clicking on “My Computer” on the left Window.

2. Press on “Control” and “F” at the same time to open the “Search” window.

3. Copy and paste the PC Tools Threatfire into the box and press on “Enter” to view the key value.

4. Delete the key value once found.

5. Press on “Next” to look for another key value of it and manually delete it after that.

6. Press on key “F3″ to look for other key value of it and manually delete it once found.

7. Reboot your computer to take effect.


How to Automatically Uninstall PC Tools Threatfire Once and For All

Do you know that you can uninstall PC Tools Threatfire from your PC within minutes? How to achieve? The effective method is to using an automated tool such as the highly recommended “Perfect Uninstaller” program. By downloading the uninstaller program from the internet and making sure that you install the software in your computer. The easy to use and friendly user interface will guide you uninstall unwanted software as well as removing the registry information that can not be completely deleted in the normal way.


Trying to delete Blue Atom Antivirus or BitDefender Free Edition manually can be a very difficult task. By downloading an uninstall program you will be able to completely remove problematic software once and for all.

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