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Uninstalling Lupas Rename 2000 from Windows Completely and Easily

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on December 31st, 2012 | Leave a comment

Do you finding a way to completely and cleanly uninstall Lupas Rename 2000 in order to re-install it? How to make the program removal easier? If you feel frustrated to remove Lupas Rename 2000 you should read this article which is an available tutorial for you about how to uninstall Lupas Rename 2000 instantly and completely.

If you intend to remove Lupas Rename 2000 manually, you have to complete some boring steps.

1. Click on Start (Windows XP) or the Windows flag (Windows Vista/7) in the lower, left corner of the computer screen.

2. Click Control Panel.

3. Click Add or Remove Software (Windows XP), or Programs and Features (Vista/Windows 7).

4. In the Programs list, find the Lupas Rename 2000 software, highlight it, and click to Uninstall.

5. If you plan to re-install your Lupas Rename 2000, select Yes when you see the screen that says Save secure password file? If you don’t plan to re-install your Lupas Rename 2000, click No.

6. An optional Uninstall Survey will open.

7. Restart your computer — shutting down and restarting the computer finishes the removal process.


You have to make sure you also delete the files that this program will leave in your system. Tips to follow:

1. Press “Start” and then go to “My Computer”.

2. Locate “C:/Program Files/”. Look for the files the Lupas Rename 2000 may have left.

3. After identifying the files that were left, click the folder and hit SHIFT + DELETE on your keyboards to remove the files permanently from your computer.

4. Reboot your PC to finish the process.


To be honest, if you are not skilled in operating a computer, it would be harder for you to manually or delete Lupas Rename 2000 thoroughly. The surest way to eliminate this program is to automatically uninstall it using a tool that will scan through your system and delete all the traces of this program.


Need help for permanently delete Lupas Rename 2000? It is recommended you use a 3rd party program. A professional uninstaller like Perfect Uninstaller can help you to delete all the unwanted software, scan all related program and also it would scan all the related parts in the registry. All parts with connection to the Lupas Rename 2000 would be removed from the system thoroughly and completely.


Perfect Uninstaller is one of the newest software removal applications on the market, and is quickly gaining in popularity. It is being used by computer users all over to remove and uninstall software such as AnalogX SayIt and Internet Access Controller they no longer want on their computer.

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