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Uninstalling MpcStar – An Easy Way to Fully Remove MpcStar from Computer

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MpcStar is a full package of Video Player and Codecs will help you play and view your favourite movies. Have you ever tried to reinstall MpcStar but failed at last? When uninstalling MpcStar, the program related files may leave there in your computer. So how can you fully remove the unwanted version of MpcStar conveniently? By reading instruction below, you can get information on how to effectively uninstall video program permanently.

Instruction on how to manually remove MpcStar

1. Exit MpcStar before you uninstall it. Right click on the icon of MpcStar and select Exit.

2. Click on the Start button and then select Control Panel.

3. Double click on the Add/Remove Programs tab. Scroll down the list of currently installed programs until you see MpcStar. Select the MpcStar and then choose Remove.

4. Choose Remove completely for all users in the pop-up dialogue box and then click the Yes button.

5. In the next pop-up dialogue box, remember to uncheck the first box. And then choose the reason why you want to uninstall MpcStar and click on Uninstall button to finish the removal.


In order to remove the MpcStar completely, you can delete the MpcStar leftover entries manually.

1. Open My Computer and then your system disc, find and locate to a folder named MpcStar. Then delete all the directories like C:\Programs Files\MpcStar

2. Click Start on desktop – click run

3. Type in regedit and press enter to run Register Editor

4. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE and find out MpcStar folder

5. Delete the related folder and close Registry Editor.


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Recommended program removal – uninstalling MpcStar once and for all

1. Free download Perfect Uninstaller on your computer

2. Double-click the icon to install the Perfect Uninstaller tool.

3. Locate the direction where you have put the MpcStar and Choose Force Uninstall in the main interface.

4. Then this powerful uninstaller will help you to find out and remove MpcStar and all related traces clearly.


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