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Uninstalling Omega Messenger from Your Computer with Effective Method

on January 12th, 2013 | Leave a comment


Omega Messenger is an instant messaging client that allows you to connect to multiple networks from one station. Need to reinstall your Omega Messenger when encountering problem using it? Have you ever successfully uninstalled communication software from your PC? It can’t be easy for you to uninstall Omega Messenger thoroughly from your system without any experience. You can follow the instruction below to get rid of Omega Messenger.

Uninstall Omega Messenger with the standard way

The standard way of uninstalling the program is done through the Add or Remove Program in Windows XP or Programs and Features in Windows 7. To access the uninstaller, click Start menu and click Control Panel. Select “Omega Messenger”, right-click it and click “Uninstall/Change” to display Omega Messenger setup window and then select the [uninstall] icon to start uninstalling the program.

In case you can’t make reinstall the Omega Messenger or you are not allowed to conduct the removal, there are two reasons, first reason is the program is not fully uninstalled, and the second is the running Omega Messenger is not completely terminated before the removal.

Solutions to solve this problem:

Stop the running Omega Messenger

1. Hit Control + Alt + Del, select Task Manager.

2. In Task Manager’s “Processes” list, look for Omega Messenger, select it and click “End Process” in the lower right corner.

Remove the leftover files of Omega Messenger

1. Open My Computer, double-click on Drive C.

2. Double-click on Program Files.

3. Look for any Omega Messenger folders that remain. Right-click on them and choose Delete.

4. Close My Computer and other folders.

If for any reason you still can’t remove Omega Messenger thoroughly, try the second way below for removal.

The most effective way of removing Omega Messenger

Removing Omega Messenger with a specified uninstaller is a good idea once you have difficulty or encounter problem in manual removal. A proper removal tool like Perfect Uninstaller which can do the normal uninstall and forcible uninstall.

Perfect Uninstaller can do the removal job easily in the following clicks:

1. Run Perfect Uninstaller.

2. Select Force Uninstall Icon and click on “Yes” in the popped up box.

3. Navigate to directory of Omega Messenger in the hard drive, such as C:\Program Files\Omega Messenger, and click on next to start the Force Uninstall.

4. Reboot computer and repeat the Force Uninstall process until all the directories of Omega Messenger are gone.

There’s no longer a need to worry about how to uninstall software that doesn’t have a manual. Now you can uninstall Webcam Simulator or Hotmail Messenger with the help of Perfect Uninstaller.

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