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Very slow computer – How to fix slow computer easily?

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“My computer used to be fast when I bought it, but now it is running very slow. What is up and how can speed it up?” I believe you have ever asked yourself this question while using the computer as every machine will run slowly as time goes. Some of them may be able to find a temporary way to fix their slow running computer such as restarting the computer or reinstall the system. But everything is just temporary and soon you will come across a very slow computer again. Here, let’s learn together how to fix slow computer easily.

fix slow computer

When you are running a very slow computer, make sure that it is virus clean. As what I have said before, virus infection is one main cause of the many computer errors. They are not only able to run without your permission, but also eat up a large amount of system resources. When the computer cannot recall enough resources to run the computer correctly, it may response sluggishly or even stop responding. Just check your antivirus software to see whether it is outdated or incompatible with your system. If so, it will make your computer start up abnormally or slower. Directly update your antivirus program to the latest version and run it a couple of times to make sure you don’t have a virus or malware existing on your machine.

Secondly, if there are still too many programs running, sometimes it will consume a very longer time to start up, shut down or even launch a certain program. So you should open “Tasks Manager” or “Msconfig” from Start to turn off some startup items. This can most of the time fix slow computer easily.

Alos, to fix a very slow computer, what you need to do vitally is to release more available memory. So when running large application, you can first turn off other running program expect the one that you do need. Besides, please do remember to timely uninstall the unwanted programs that you do not need to release more available memory. Moreover, you should run a Disc Cleanup to regularly clear the useless system junk files from your computer, which followed by a simple disk defragmentation. In this way, all files will be arranged coherently on the hard disk and easier to be accessed to, which will not only fix the memory read or write errors but also fix slow computer.

The fourth thing that makes a computer running slowly has something to do with the outdated or malfunctioning drivers on the PC. We need drivers to make some hardware/software to run properly, however, the outdated ones can brings in kinds of computer errors like error code 1935 in installing some programs. You should update all your drivers (including, graphics driver, sound driver, modem driver, and so on). To do so, follow these steps to make sure that no driver is marked with exclamation mark in the Device Manager:

*Click Start.
* Type Device Manager in the Search box.
* Locate it from the Search Results.
*Expand all the devices and make sure there’s no any device marked with exclamation mark. If so, uninstall it and then re-download & reinstall it.

Last but not least, run a registry cleaner utility. When uninstalling programs from computer, it is hoped to remove not only the files, but also the related registry from the computer. However, normally there is still some unneeded information remaining in the registry. And the computer is not wise enough to know what is needed, so it will spend a lot of time reading information that means no sense, which result in very slow computer or seriously, random computer freezing-ups or crashes. So a registry cleaner is needed for you to always enjoy faster computer.

If your computer is running slow, click HERE to get the best system optimization tool here. It will thoroughly scan the whole PC, solve all existing errors & optimize PC performance to the top easily. Thanks for reading and wish you enjoy a faster computer all the time!

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