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Virtumonde/ Vundo Removal Instruction

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on January 20th, 2009 | Leave a comment

Virtumonde, also known as Virtumondo, Vundo, Vundo Trojan or MS Juan, is a widespread Trojan that will modify the Windows Internet connection mechanism and display various pop-up advertisements for rogue antispyware programs. Virtumonde may change the user’s desktop background, disable Windows automatic updates, cause many websites to be unaccessible, and abort your running programs.

Virtumonde has many variants, some with trojan-like behaviors including downloading other rogue software without user’ s permission, transmitting information to remote servers without notice and consent, and lowering system security on the infected computer. Some hackers also exploit features of Virtumonde to release an abundant series of Adware program, such as AdWare.Win32.Virtumonde.aamo, AdWare.Win32.Virtumonde.aapi, etc.

If your computer is encountering Virtumonde, it is highly recommended to delete all Virtumonde files at once to release the computer from high risk. You may try manual removal of this offensive Trojan, but as Virtumonde and its relevant derivatives are very stealthy and extremely hard to get rid of, good antispyware programs are more convenient and effective in helping you detect and remove all infected files completely. With Spyware Cease, you are able to remove Virtumonde as well as other spyware threats with ease.

What is Spyware Cease?

Spyware Cease is the outstanding Windows antispyware program that can be used to effectively protect your PC against various threat attacks, including Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Trojans, Worms, Hijackers, Rootkits, Password Stealers, Tracking Threats, Rogue Antispyware and other Malware attacks! Spyware Cease provides powerful threats removal mechanism, real-time guard for your computer, specific custom fix for stubborn spyware, as well as automatic or manual updates in time against latest spyware.

Please do the followings to completely remove Virtumonde:

1. Download Spyware Cease installation package by clicking the link below and save it on your PC.

2. Double-click on the saved file icon to start the installation process.  The descriptions within the installer will walk your through the installation. Then click on the Finish button.

3. Start Spyware Cease and click the Scan tab on the main interface. Select the scanned directories and then click the Scan button to begin scanning Virtumonde and related files.


4. Spyware Cease now will start scanning your PC for Virtumonde. The whole process will take some time to proceed, so we advise you to do something else and check the scanning results periodically.


5. When the scan is finished, select the item on the scan results you want to delete or right-click to add it to the ignore list. You can then click the Remove button to continue with the Spyware Cease removal process.

6. When Spyware Cease has finished removing the malware, it will open the main interface to offer further operations like real-time guard, system analysis or general settings.

Please update Spyware Cease in time automatically or manually to make sure your computer is protected against the latest threats. Before updating Spyware Cease, make sure to completely close it.

Free download Spyware Cease now!

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