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Vista Antivirus 2013 – How to Remove Vista Antivirus 2013 completely and safely

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Just like a fake antispyware program, Vista Antivirus 2013 appears to work in the same way of antivirus program, but its real target is to damage the computer system and convince victims to buy the full version. Vista Antivirus 2013 displays warnings similar to those from microsoft that many malicious viruses have been found on the computer system. Here are some typical symptoms of being infected by Vista Antivirus 2013:

  • Vista Antivirus 2013 can activate itself automatically when you start up your computer system
  • Your system files and original antivirus software are corrupted
  • Your computer operation and the Internet speed become much slower than before
  • Vista Antivirus 2013 perform many scanning in a day, and scare you that your computer is infected by dangerous threats
  • Some of your system and web browser setting are changed and you are redirected to other website you don’t know

The serious consequences of being infected by Vista Antivirus 2013 cannot be all listed, but you should make clear that if you don’t get rid of Vista Antivirus 2013 from your computer instantly, the consequence is inconceivable. It even will attract more and more viruses to your computer! Your computer’s situation will be deteriorated.

Method one: step by step manual removal instruction
Step1. Enter Safe Mode by pressing F8 during windows booting
Step2. Before Vista Antivirus 2013 automatically runs, press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time to run Task Manager and end the following process
Step3. Click start and go to run. Type in Regidit and press enter to open Registry Editor. Locate the following entry and delete it
MicrosoftWindows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Menu/Order/Start Menu/2Programs/Vista Antivirus 2013
Step4. Click start – go to Run – type in cmd and press enter – Type “regsvr32 /u unamscan.dll” and “regsvr32 /u scnkrnl.dll”
Step5. Use windows search to find out the following files and delete them completely
unamscan.dll, scnkrnl.dll, Antivirus.exe
Step6. Reboot computer

Method two:Remove Vista Antivirus 2013 automatically
Once computer infected with malware, most users want to exterminate it quickly and easily. Could it be possible? Yes, removal of Vista Antivirus 2013 can be successfully achieved by the professional anti-spyware program.

A real anti-spyware application that can scan for potential computer virus activity can be more useful at detecting the latest threats than those reliant on signature detection. You can choose Spyware Cease, which is one of the reliable security tools that you can believe in. If you are having a hard time with Vista Antivirus 2013 attack or other malware, it is worth to give it a shot with Spyware Cease. I am sure it can effectively help you fix computer problem.

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