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Vista Total Security 2013 Removal Help – How Can You Remove Vista Total Security 2013 easily

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on October 29th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Vista Total Security 2013 is just another latest fake security program which can root on the compromised computer with the help of Trojans. The software promotes itself as an advanced antivirus program that can detect hidden virus and protect the computer effectively. Some users may falsely download the program by clicking on fake security warnings. Like many other fake security programs, Vista Total Security 2013 will displays fake security alerts saying the computer is attacked and need a thorough scan. Usually, it will pretend to scan the computer quickly and then list a number of non-exit Trojans. However, users may think the scan result is reliable since the infected computer has various problems. For example, some programs can not run and internet access is not available. Actually, those problems are caused by Vista Total Security 2013.

If you get any warning from the fake security program, your compute r is infected. If the program runs randomly on your computer, the situation is quite urgent. Generally, there are two ways to wipe off Vista Total Security 2013 from a computer.

Method one: manual removal
This method is more suitable for users who know how to troubleshot computer problems. The fake security program generates many files and registry entries on the infected computer when it is installed. The manual way is to find out and remove all components of Vista Total Security 2013.
1. Right-click on taskbar and select Task Manager. Stop related processes
2. Run registry editor and delete related registry entries
3. Remove malicious files

Method two: use an antispyware program to remove Vista Total Security 2013
This method is widely used by general users, no matter whether they have advanced pc skills or not. You need a professional antispyware program to get rid of the rogue software. Such program is designed to help users remove various kinds of pc threats including fake software like Vista Total Security 2013. However, some security programs are even corrupted once installed on a compromised computer, so it is important to find the effective removal program. Are you looking for such a powerful antispyware program? Spyware Cease is one of those that can provide protection to your computer. Download it instantly to run an online scan.

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