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W32.Extrat – How to Remove W32.Extrat effectively

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W32.Extrat is a worm that will infect removable drives and p2p network files. Like other worm virus, it can reduplicate itself to infect files. Meanwhile, it has some features of a Trojan such as Backdoor.Rabasheeta. For example, W32.Extrat can open a back door on the compromised computer and allow remote hackers to access the computer easily. Usually, hackers will steal sensitive information. The worm will install some malicious programs via which hackers can monitor the computer and users’ activities.

Properties of W32.Extrat

  • Access files
  • Steal stored passwords
  • Issue commands
  • Activate and view a webcam
  • Record keystrokes
  • Create an HTTP proxy
  • Connect to a control server on TCP

How to remove W32.Extrat effectively
When you notice the infection, you’d better remove it before you continue using the computer. It will be very risky to use a computer infected by any kind of pc threats especially Trojan, worm, spyware and malware. To remove the dangerous W32.Extrat, you can use a security program or try manual removal way.

Manual removal
1. Remove related tools
Xtreme RAT
Spy-Net RAT
2. Kill the process and delete the file from pc
3. Open registry editor and remove W32.Extrat registry entry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\Run\”Policies” = “%Windir%\installdir\server.exe

Remove W32.Extrat by a security program
If you can not find the above file in the default location, they are probably saved in the other location by hackers. So we think using a security program will be more effective in wiping off the worm infection. A security program can detect malicious items thoroughly and provide easy solution. When you click a remove button, the security program will kill malicious processes and remove infection immediately. To remove W32.Extrat completely, you need to choose a right security program. Among so many choices, we think you can equip your pc with Spyware Cease, an advanced virus removal tool.

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