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W32.Narilam Removal Guide – Best Way to Get Rid of W32.Narilam

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W32.Narilam is one of the latest worm virus infecting many computers. If you are one of the victims, you should learn the correct way to wipe off the infection immediately. The worm attempts to spread by copying itself to all drives and certain shared folders on the compromised computer.

How does W32.Narilam Infect the Computer

  • Run in the computer background to invade your computer without traces
  • Implant many infected files on the system and duplicate in a great number in the computer drives and every network-shared folders
  • Occupy a lot of system resources
  • Slow down the system performance and connection speed
  • Invite other viruses and malware like Trojan.Ransomlock!g21 the infected system

Instruction to Get Rid of This Worm from PC
The way to get rid of W32.Narilam is to first ensure that you can stop the infection from running. This can be done by using the “Safe Mode” option in Windows, which will basically prevent the worm from actually being able to load up. To Access Safe Mode, restart your PC and then pressing F8 continually to load up the “Boot Options” menu. This will allow Windows to load up the settings that it needs to run, allowing you to access the Safe Mode option of your system, that’s able to resolve the various other issues that your PC may have.

Then remove the worm program from windows control panel Add/Remove Programs. Click Start- Control Panel- Add/Remove Programs, find out W32.Narilam in the installed program list, remove it from the list.

Finally, search for malicious files and delete them from your current user’s profile folder:
%System%\\[Random].tmp %Temp%\\[Random].tmp.

W32.Narilam automatic removal
Manual removal instruction may be too difficult for most computer users. Even an expert will not remove the worm manually as they know antivirus programs are always the best choice for W32.Narilam removal.

Do you want to know what security program could remove the worm? Are you looking for a free removal program? We know some antispyware software could effectively remove W32.Narilam, but they are not free. You could have a look at Spyware Cease or Spyware Cease. Do not purchase the software until you free scan your computer and W32.Narilam is detected.

How to remove W32.Narilam with Spyware Cease
1. Download and install the antispyware program
2. Run the software and click start online scan
3. W32.Narilam will be detected and click remove button
4. A webpage where you could register will show up
5. Register the software and then remove W32.Narilam

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