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W32.Waledac.C Removal – How to Remove W32.Waledac.C quickly

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W32.Waledac.C is classified as worm virus that spread mainly via sending spam email containing links to a copy of itself. The worm is destructive one. Normal worm viruses will only create countless copies of themselves, but W32.Waledac.C will do more than just reduplicate itself. The worm has ability to open a back door on the compromised computer just like a backdoor Trojan. When the worm gets into your computer, it will add related registry entries so that it can run automatically without users’ acknowledgement. When the worm runs, it will kill certain processes that may block it and drop malicious files to the computer. When it detects a removable drive, it will create a copy of itself and infect the removable device immediately. W32.Waledac.C may generate variants such as W32.Waledac.C!gen2 to the infected computer. The back door opened by the worm virus render the computer in danger. Here we have two removal ways. You should take action to remove W32.Waledac.C as soon as possible.

Method one: manual removal instruction
1. Remove registry entries related to the worm

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”MozillaAgent” = “%CurrentFolder%\[ORIGINAL THREAT FILE NAME].exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mozilla\”ID2″ = “[BINARY DATA]”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mozilla\”ID3″ = “[BINARY DATA]“

2. Find out the W32.Waledac.C files and remove them


Notes: the registry entries we provide are not certain ones. You need to search out the W32.Waledac.C registry entries according to the data here. Windows registry plays an important role in maintaining system stability. If you do not know how to modify windows registry, you should use another way to get rid of the worm.

Method two: an antivirus program
Antivirus software is widely used to protect computer against attacks and remove threats from the compromised computer. It is recommended to install a professional antivirus program on your computer. It can help you remove infection like W32.Waledac.C. You may want to know which antivirus program can remove the worm effectively. Experts recommend Spyware Cease, a specialized virus removal program, after they compare some with one another.

After you download Spyware Cease, you need to run the software and let it complete the automatic updates. And then the software can replace a pc technician to remove W32.Waledac.C from your computer.

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