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W32.Greypac Removal Tool – How Can I Get Rid of W32.Greypac quickly

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W32.Greypac is a worm virus that reduplicates itself to infect shared internet files. Self-copying is the common property of worm virus like Email-Worm.Zhelatin. Any removable media device will be infected as soon as it is connected to a compromised computer. On the other hand, removable media device is also a common way for W32.Greypac and other worms to access computers. Besides, the worm can arrive on the target pc as an email attachment. It slows down the infected computer and conduct malicious activities on the background. If you want to remove W32.Greypac manually, you need to know more details about the worm.

W32.Greypac detail information
When the worm runs, it stores a copy of itself to C:\Settings\search.cmd so that it can restore itself when any part is removed.

To enable itself to run at windows startup, it create related registry entry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”Search” = “C:\Settings\search.cmd”

And then W32.Greypac searches all drive and infect related files. Meanwhile, it drops lots of malicious files

%ProgramFiles%\Common files
%UserProfile%\All Users\Application Data
%UserProfile%\All Users\Desktop
%UserProfile%\All Users\Documents
%UserProfile%\All Users\My Music
%UserProfile%\All Users\My Pictures
%UserProfile%\All Users\My Videos
%UserProfile%\All Users\Templates
%UserProfile%\Application Data
%UserProfile%\Local settings\Application Data
%UserProfile%\My Documents
%UserProfile%\My Documents\My Music
%UserProfile%\My Documents\My Pictures
%UserProfile%\My Documents\My Videos

This information can help advanced pc user remove W32.Greypac manually. It is important to wipe off all components of the worm or it can restore itself immediately.

Best way to remove W32.Greypac
Of course, manual removal way is not a common way to get rid of the worm. The best solution is to use a virus removal program which can provide safe and automatic removal. Most users equip their pc with an antivirus program. It is a good way to prevent W32.Greypac. But when your antivirus can not stop the worm it may fail to remove it. Do you want a virus removal program that can wipe off W32.Greypac instantly? I think an advanced virus removal program like Spyware Cease is a safe choice. Do not waste time on searching and trying various tools when we already find the effective one for you.

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