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Webinars: How to customize fix in Spyware Cease

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on December 16th, 2008 | Leave a comment

If you have a spyware we can not automatically remove with the latest Spyware Cease, our expert team will create the complete custom fix for your specific spyware problems.

To customize fix in Spyware Cease,  you should firstly run the Analysis function in Spyware Cease and send the analysis report generated to Spyware Cease support team.  According to your report, Spyware Cease’s technical experts will  make your special script file against the unsolved problem, and then the support team will forward you the script file through E-mail.

Please follow the steps below to process the Custom Fix:

  • Open Spyware Cease
  • Click the Analysis tab
  • Click the Custom Fix tab
  • Click the “Import” button and select the script file  sent to you from the support team
  • Click the “Execute” button to solve the problem

Note: Please save and close all your files and settings before the operation, for Spyware Cease by default ends up all running tasks while processing the Custom Fix.

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