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What causes a fatal exception error and how to fix it?

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When attempting to shut down the computer, start up Windows, or start a program in Windows, you may at sometime get an error message similar to: “A fatal exception XY has occurred at xxxx:xxxxxxxx”. In many cases, the exception is non-recoverable and the system will be either restarted or shut down unexpectedly, which depends on the severity of the error and may cause severe damages to the PC. But what exactly causes it and how to fix a fatal exception error effectively?

fatal system error

Commonly, a fatal exception error can be caused due to any of the following reasons:
*The system tries to access to an illegal programs
*There are some invalid data or code existing on the PC
*The privilege level of an operation is invalid
* Hardware or driver errors exist
*Software problem or conflict

How to fix a fatal exception error?
1) Update. We know that Windows always releases some available updates to deal with some errors that cannot be found in the previous version. What is more, those updates help to enhance PC performance and improve PC ability against viruses. The first thing you should do is to check Microsoft official website for available Windows service packs and download & install them all.

If you are experiencing the fatal exception error in only one program, check and verify that the software program is compatible with the operating system that you are running. Also, you can contact the manufacturer or vendor of the software program to see whether there are available patches or updates for the program that may help or resolve the fatal exception error.

By the way, some hardware drivers are also notorious for causing fatal exception error messages as they are used all the time to make the computer run properly without some errors like ActiveX error. Therefore we always recommend you to have the latest drivers installed on the computer.

2) Check what you have recently-installed. If you have recently installed new software or hardware before the fatal exception error, uninstall or reinstall that software or hardware to see whether this solves the problem. In the case of a hardware device, instead of uninstalling it, it’s suggested that you can visit the manufacturer’s webpage and get the latest software or drivers from them.

3) Hard disk error. Some errors existing on the hard disk can also a corruption on the swap file or data files and finally bring in the appearance of a fatal exception error. So, it is best that you can run Scandisk and run Disk Defrag on the hard drive regularly to detect and solve such errors.

4) Remove PC viruses. That is pretty obvious that your computer can be infected by viruses in many cases even though it is only for daily usage. However, what you may not be aware is how these viruses work to destroy your PC resources and affect your computer performance. Most of the time as you start up the computer, the virus will be automatically loaded into the memory of the computer and starts to attack or change the files of your operating system without your permission, resulting in effects ranging from missing system files to unexpected fatal exception errors or unexpected PC crashes. It is highly advised that you can run the antivirus antispyware program in the background to realtime block & remove all such threats to the PC.

5) Fix registry errors. A simple registry error can make the computer stop stopping by displaying various error messages just like the fatal exception error. This is because no matter whenever you start up the PC, it will first access this database for its required entries. However, as you uninstall programs or when the computer gets infected, this database will be greatly messed up, which stops the system from accessing or reading it. At this time, you will be quite easy to suffer from kinds of computer errors while using the PC. It is strongly recommended that you can completely scan the whole PC with a trusted registry repair tool and get rid of all errors inside this database.

Simply speaking, a fatal exception error can be caused by many unexpected errors on the PC and bring in some undesired effects. However, with the above steps you can simply troubleshoot & deal with this computer error within minutes.

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