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What causes a file not to download? Things you should when can’t download a file

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on March 4th, 2013 | Leave a comment

When trying to download a file such as BTStackServer.exe to your hard disk drive via the web browser, the users may get a message automatically flags saying that the file is potentially dangerous. As a result, they may fail to download the file properly. Even though you are able to finally download the file on the PC, Windows will warn you with a dialog box or prevent the file from executing altogether when trying to open it. Have you ever wondered what causes a file not to download? And what should you do when cannot download a file?

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Most of the time, what causes a file not to download has something to do with the file itself. Right now, with the development of the computer technology, lots of users are able to upload, share files on the Internet. There is no doubt that some will be uploaded incompletely. What is more, something some files will contain a virus. This way, the users will block and notify when trying to download & save such a file on the PC. The first thing you should down when can’t download a file from the web is to make sure that, you are really downloading the file from a safe webpage. A stable, clean, and updated copy of such a file is the first assurance of successful file download process.

Secondly, a virus on the PC will block any download from the web page or severely attack & damage any file that you are downloading. What is more, when the computer gets infected, many harmful and unwanted problems will come together. That is, it may bring in lots of unexpected & unknown damages to the PC, such as changing your homepage without your knowledge, monitoring your web browsing, tracing your online activities, keeping popping up thousands of ads while you surf the net, slowing down the PC performance… In order to retrieve your enjoyable computer experience and download whatever as you like, you have to make sure that the computer is completely virus free.

Thirdly, you still need to check and fix hard disk errors when can’t download a file on the computer. It is commonly the case that, they file you are downloading is normally saved within the hard disk drive. When it contains a problem, it may cause a file not to download problem. At this time, go to open My Computer & right click on the hard drive icon for drive C: and click Properties; in the window that comes up, left click on Tools and then on the next window left click on the box that says Check Now under Error checking; within the next window make sure the box saying Automatically fix errors is checked and then click on OK to thoroughly scan through your whole disk for potential errors.

Finally, you still need to clean out registry errors when a file not to download properly on the computer. The registry can be regarded as the brain of the Windows-based operating system. That is, all information of the hardware & software that installed on the computer are stored in this database, telling the system when & how to perform them properly. However, as times accumulated, it becomes overloaded and results to various errors to the computer. If the system cannot recall the required entries to finish your download, a file will not be able to download successfully. So, the final thing you should do when can’t download a file is to run a registry clean utility to completely scan the whole PC and repair all registry errors. With a clean & compact PC registry database, you can run the computer and download whatever you like without issue.

Well, right now you should know what causes a file not to download properly on the computer. But with the above steps, you can solve the problem and download what you like easily without problems.

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