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What causes error 8002F957 and how to fix it?

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on February 24th, 2013 | Leave a comment

When updating the PS3, users may receive an error 8002F957 message and fail to finish the update process even though it have ever come to 70%. And the problem is no matter how many times they have ever tried, same code 8002F957 error message appears, which stops them from finishing the update process. But what the hell cause this update error message and how to fix it? I sincerely hope my solutions here help you!

repair error 8002F957

When getting the code 8002F957 error message, think again if you have installed some new program in your computer recently. When the program or device drivers you install on the computer do not work incompatibly with your computer, you will get the error 8002F957 or application error 0xc0000005 message on your screen. Uninstall the program and restart your computer, error 8002F957 would be fixed by so.

Secondly, if your computer is infected by spyware or viruses, it can also bring in update error 8002F957. Once some files are attacked or broken by threats, it will fail to recall needed files to update the system properly. If this is the case, do immediately scan your computer with the antivirus antispyware program without hesitation. In my opinion, it is best that you can let your antivirus programs always runs at system startups and in the background as this helps to block and remove PC threats at any time.

Then, you need to update all available updates, including Windows service pack. It’s also very possible that the outdated drivers for the device could cause the error 8002F957 to appear while updating your PS3. So the third step that you should do to solve this problem is to run a driver checker to detect and update all of your outdated drivers to the latest one. Also, do remember to run all available Windows service pack to make sure that your system is always updated.

Last but not least, to ensure a smooth PS3 update without error 8002F957, you need to clean out registry errors. Generally speaking, Windows registry hoards hardware and software information, system settings and computer configuration to ensure the proper running of the computer. No matter when we perform a command to the computer just like sending and receiving emails, starting up or shutting down the computer, it will first leave a key and values inside the registry. However, as program installation and uninstallation, these keys and values are full of some invalid and broken entries, which and then cause unexpected system freezing and different kinds of code error messages including code 8002F957 error messages. So, there is one another ting that you should not forget when trying to fix this error 8002F957 – fix registry problems.

Still having error 8002F957 in updating your PS3? Follow the simple solutions above and you will soon fix it on your own without problem.

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