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What causes error code 5 and how to fix it quickly?

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Have you ever received an “Error Code 5-Access Denied” message when trying to access a folder or launch a certain program? Although it is a common error on Windows-based computer, it really troubles lots of computer users and as much as an administrative access issue. If cannot be fixed timely, you may sometimes fail to access your desired folders, launch your required programs or even install what you want on the PC.

code 5 error

Sometimes, this error code 5 Access Denied error messages can happen even though you are logging onto the system with Administrator privileges, but unfortunately it doesn’t supply you enough information on which service is causing the error message and how to fix it. However, you are lucky here as I will show you detailed solutions to fix such Access Denied error MSCONFIG immediately.

First of all, you should run your antivirus software to check and remove all existing & potential threats from your system. The viruses or malicious application/processes on the computer will severely attack the system and remove any system core file. When the system fails to load the required file to launch your programs or your processes, you will come to the chance to get a error code 5 or Generic Host Process error message. A simple virus scan finds and removes files that are affiliated with viruses on your system within clicks. If you do not have an antivirus antispyware program installed on the computer, it is very easy for you to download one from the Internet and install it for continuous computer protection.

Secondly, to prevent and fix error code 5 from happening, you have to well maintain your hard disk. Hard disk is the most important part of your PC to store all your data, applications & operating system. Due to this fact, it is very easy to be attacked and infected by some viruses, and then creates error at any point of time to make the computer run improperly. To prevent some numerous Windows pop up error message, take several minutes to check and fix hard disk errors.

*Double-click on My Computer to open it.
*Select the disk that you want to diagnose and repair.
*Right click the disk to choose Properties.
*Choose the Tools tab.
*Click the Check Now button under Error Checking Status.
*Choose the tabs either for “Thorough” or “Scan for and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors” depending on your own systems.
*Click on Start to let the utility automatically scan and fix all errors inside your hard disk.

Then, why you get Windows error code 5 messages is most probably that your computer registry gets corrupted! As a matter of fact, registry problems usually tend to display annoying error messages on your PC screen unexpectedly even though it is considered as the main component of Windows-based operating system. Moreover, such registry problems might cause your PC to shut down itself all of a sudden without any obvious reasons, or worst, stop you from running the PC & applications correctly. To permanently get rid of code 5 error message and make the computer run properly all the time, download a trusted registry cleaning tool just like Registry Easy to help you. It will thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors insides your system, returning you an error-free system within minutes.

In conclusion, no matter in running which program or accessing which folder you get the error code 5 message, follow the simple solutions above. Then, you will be able to instantly enjoy a smooth running computer all the time.

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