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What causes Silverlight configuration error and how can you fix it?

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It is quite common for the users to get a small screen when trying to open the Internet Explorer (IE) that says a program is trying to access the web, Allow or Disallow; however, the screen just freezes and they cannot select Allow or Disallow with a message indicating Silverlight configuration error or silverlight.configuration.exe Microsoft Corp error. This way, the users will fail to access the desired web pages or run the Internet Explorer or other IE processes correctly. But there is no need to worry about this problem anymore! Here I will show you what causes the problem and how to fix Silverlight configuration error effectively.

Internet Explorer error

Most of the time, the Silverlight configuration error was caused due to a bug within the Silverlight. To fix it, you can instantly stop the auto-updater with the following steps:
*Close all IE windows and your Internet Explorer.
*Go to start button.
*Type in Silverlight in the search box until the Microsoft Silverlight application is displayed in the list above.
*Launch the Silverlight application.
*Then, you will find a window called Microsoft Silverlight Configuration open.
*Select the Updates tab and choose the “Never check for updates radio” button.
*Click Ok to save your changes.

However, if the Silverlight configuration error message still remains after the above steps, you’d better simply uninstall Silverlight trying to solve the problem. In many cases, the issue will be caused due to a missing/corrupt file related to the program. A complete uninstallation of Silverlight helps to fix the error immediately.
*Go to Start menu and Control Panel
*Open Add or Remove Program & Feature
* Choose Microsoft Silverlight in the appearing list
* Highlight it and click on Remove
* Provide the confirmation if you are asked
* Click YES and follow the on-screen prompts to Uninstall the Silverlight

To ensure a complete Silverlight uninstallation and totally get rid of Silverlight configuration error message, you’d better run a registry cleaning tool to check and remove all leftover entries. Registry is the place that stores all setting & information of the software & hardware on the computer. That is to say, no matter whatever you install to the computer or no matter change you have made, all the entries and changes will be recorded in this database so as to tell the system when and how to perform them correctly. However, the problem is that not all these entries will be completely removed when you uninstall a program or remove a file, making the registry messed up as time goes. Sometimes, some existing or leftover entries from an incomplete Silverlight uninstallation process will also have the capability to bring in a Silverlight configuration error. To maintain the stable running of the computer and get rid of this error totally, it is highly recommended that you can run a complete registry scan to check and remove all leftover entries or repair all missing/broken ones. This way, you will be able to run your IE and access your desired pages properly all the time.

Besides, some virus infection can also bring in the appearance of the Silverlight configuration error by hijacking and re-directing your web search results. What is more, viruses are able to attack and remove any file such as Uxtheme.dll from your computer to bring in more serious PC issue. Hence, you should run your antivirus antispyware program regularly and let it running in the background to check & block threats at any time.

If possible, check the add-ons that you have ever added to your Internet Explorer. Some incompatible ones will not work properly with the IE and cause the annoying Silverlight configuration error message when you are trying to open it.

Well, those are the common causes and solutions of the Silverlight configuration error. You can easily perform them one by one when encountering it on your own and then get back a proper computer running easily.

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