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What does SMTP Reply Code “554 Transaction Failed” mean?

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on April 9th, 2013 | Leave a comment

It is quite easy for some users at work fail to receive emails from a particular sender using a yahoo email account because an error message like this:
“The SMTP Server program
: host dnsname(ip)
Refused to talk to me: 554 Transaction Failed Listed in connection control deny list.”

SMTP Reply Code

In many cases, this is a generic response returned by the server if an SMTP transaction failed or when there are too many errors were received in processing. But what should you to get rid of it and send/receive emails correctly as usual?

To deal with the SMTP Reply Code “554 Transaction Failed” error, you have to make sure that you can access to the Internet properly. Sometimes, a limited or slow Internet connection is the main cause for such an error message. You can open a URL in your Web browser to see whether you are redirected correctly or not. By the way, if you are having problems loading certain sites, you can directly visit here.

Secondly, check your firewall settings to see whether there is something wrong. Sometimes, some third-party firewall will block the Yahoo Service and display the “554 Transaction Failed” error messages. To do it, temporarily disable your firewall and then try logging onto your Yahoo account again. If you are successful, check the firewall settings and let them to allow your mail client program to connect to the internet.

After the above steps, you can follow the steps below to check and see whether there are some problems with the POP3 sever so as to deal with the “554 Transaction Failed” error.

* First click on the Tools tab and select Accounts after logging onto your Yahoo account.
*Then an Internet Accounts box will appear and double click your e-mail address here.
* Click on the Severs tab when your account properties box appears.
*Look at the dialog box labeled Incoming mail with the pop3.live.com written there.
*Next look at the Outgoing mail dialog box, whose sever should be smtp.live.com.
*Then you will see a dialog boxes labeled Account Name and Password; enter your correct e-mail address and passwords.
*Click the box labeled My Server Requires Authentication to check whether you are entering correctly.
*Then, click on Apply and close the window.
* Restart the computer and log onto your account again to see whether you are able to send and receive e-mails now.

By the way, you can re-register some needed dll files for SSL Security Libraries, which at sometimes solves the SMTP Reply Code “554 Transaction Failed” error. To do this, directly go to Start, Run and then use the Regsrv32 “DLLName” command to register the following DLL files on your computer:
* softpub.dll
* wintrust.dll
* initpki.dll
* Rsaenh.dll
* Mssip32.dll
* Cryptdlg.dll
* Dssenh.dll
* Gpkcsp.dll
* Slbcsp.dll
* Sccbase.dll

Finally, you should not forget a registry repair process when trying to fix the “554 Transaction Failed” error. Playing as the main component of the Windows-based operating system, registry has also been the main cause for many computer problems. When the system cannot recall its required entries to send or receive your email, an annoying “554 Transaction Failed” error messages will occur. At this time, you can fix the problem by directly running a freeware registry tool to free scan your whole system and fix them automatically within clicks.

With the above steps, you can instantly diagnose & fix “554 Transaction Failed” error on your own. If you fail, leave me a comment with details and I will try what I can to help you. Also, you can directly contact your ISP for assistance with this type of problem.

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