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What is a system32 error and how to fix system32 error?

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on February 6th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Like most of other people, I believe you have ever received an error message saying something like this “Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\XXXX ” when starting up the computer. This system32 error message might appear from time to time. But what is it? Yeah, it is a vital component of your Windows operating system, which always locates under C:\ drive and hidden from users. Without the system32 folder, your programs or even the computer won’t function at all.

fix system32 error

Typically, a system 32 error message can be caused by various reasons on the PC, but the most common one should be a damaged or corrupted system file like Config.nt, autorun.inf, or svchost.exe. If so, it may lead the computer to run slowly, unexpectedly freeze or even crash. You should repair it as quickly as you can so as to make the PC run properly again.

Upon getting the system32 error message, try rebooting the computer and press F8 button to load the boot menu. Here, choose “Last Known Good Configuration” and restart the computer by using the recently-working configuration settings. You know that every time you turn on the computer and shut it down successfully; all the important system settings are saved in the registry. Then, you can use those settings to start your computer and get it run properly when an error occurs.

If the “Last Known Good Configuration” utility does not work, you can use the Windows installation disk to recover your system again. There is no doubt that a missing/corrupted/broken system file brings in the system32 error to appear. And you are able to get these files back by repairing the machine with the Windows installation disk. Here, I take Windows XP as an example to show you how to repair the computer:

*Insert your Windows XP installation disk.
*Boot the computer from the Windows XP CD.
*Wait for the Windows Setup to load all the necessary files and drivers.
*Press Enter to setup Windows XP now.
*Follow the on-screen steps to continue.

After repairing the Windows, you still need to make sure that the computer is totally virus free. It is widely known that computer viruses can affect the computer by intercepting any and all information you enter via the web. Besides, they can also attack & remove any system32 file, causing the system32 error; or add icons to your desktop which you don’t need, sites to your favorites which you don’t know to make the computer run abnormally. To get rid of the frequent system32 error messages, you have to run a trusted antivirus antispyware program regularly to totally scan and remove all PC viruses.

Finally, you need to scan and repair Windows registry errors. A study shows that over 90% of computers have registry errors. However, some people are still unfamiliar with registry errors and do not know what they should do when getting a registry error. First of all, you should know registry is the main component of the Windows-based OS to store all important settings of the hardware & software on the PC. But just with everyday use and from constant installing & uninstalling programs, the registry will become bigger and bigger. And the more bloated your registry becomes, the more unstable & slower your PC becomes; besides, the more chances for you to get a Windows system32 error or blue screen error message. To always ensure the smooth running of the computer without system32 error messages or some other errors, download a best registry clean tool to thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all registry errors right now. With a registry error-free system, I believe you will find the computer life more enjoyable.

So, now you should know what a system32 error is and how to deal with the error easily on your own. Thanks for reading and sincerely hope the above solutions help you!

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