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What is ActiveX and how to repair ActiveX error?

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It is quite common for you to receive an ActiveX error message while using the computer such as “ActiveX component can’t create object”, but do you know what it is? ActiveX is a plug-in that typically used in applications and on the Internet to allow interactive applications over the Internet, for example, an online virus scan. However, an ActiveX error can happen while there is something wrong with the web browser’s settings or a file corruption, stopping you to perform some PC requests properly.

fix ActiveX error

Before learning how to fix ActiveX error, you have to bear in mind that some ActiveX applications are malicious and designed to perform some dangerous purpose on the computer. So, it is highly recommended that you can restrict ActiveX programs from running automatically:

*Open your Internet Explorer, select Tools, and then choose Internet Options.
*Click on the Security tab and then the button that says Custom Level.
*Scroll down to the Active-X section and mark “Prompt” under all the options given except for the settings marked “Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins” and “Script Active X controls marked safe for scripting”.
*All of these should be set to “enable”. This way, you will be prompted when a questionable ActiveX file tries to install on your computer, giving you full control over your system. Sometimes, this helps to solve your ActiveX error if it is caused due to a malicious ActiveX.

If your browser was already set correctly but you still get frequent ActiveX error message, it’s likely that a misconfigured system file is causing the problem to happen. So, after the above steps, follow these instructions to reset the system file to the default settings:

*Click the Start button in Windows.
*Select Run.
*Enter regsvr32 msxml3.dll in the Open: field, and click OK.
*Then, a dialogue box will appear and notify you that the file was properly reset.
*Click OK in the dialogue box to exit all windows and the ActiveX error will be solved at the same time.

After the above steps, scan and remove all computer viruses. You should know that viruses are deadly threat to the computers, which will spread through the computer without any apparent contact and can be an annoying or even worse, fatal to your computer. Besides, they are able to steal your personal information or damage/destroy computer, causing the ActiveX errors to happen again & again when failing to locate the system required files. It is strongly recommended that you can completely scan the whole PC and remove all existing & potential PC threats, malicious processed completely. You can do this by downloading and running a trusted antivirus antispyware program.

Last but not least, repair Windows registry errors. The registry is responsible for the operation of all your installed hardware & software. That is to say, no matter whatever you have installed on the PC, all its related entries will be recorded in this database. If it gets corrupted, your windows will sometimes become unable to perform well by showing various error messages like ActiveX errors. Even though the Windows system allows the user to modify the registry, it is not recommended to average user. That is because a simple mistake while editing the registry will bring in more serious problems to the PC like Windows error 797 Internet problems rather than an ActiveX error. It is best that you can use a user-friendly scanning utility to deal with the problem. This way, it will scan & discover all kinds of problems, including some potential ones that may be lurking in your PC, and then repair them all.

In a word, no matter for which reason you get the ActiveX error message, you have to fix them all immediately to ensure a pleasant & smooth online surfing. Good luck and wish you enjoy a pleasant PC life!

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