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What is dwm.exe file and how to fix dwm.exe error?

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“dwm.exe -application errror
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000185). Click OK to close the application.”

fix dwm.exe error

When starting up the computer or launching a certain program, the users will get the above annoying dwm.exe application error message and fail to continue the job properly. But what the hell is the dwm.exe file and how can you fix dwm.exe error on your own?

Dwm.exe is a process belonging to the Desktop Window Manager and is responsible for the graphical effects in Microsoft Windows Vista operating system such as 3D effects, live windows previews and windows transperancies. But the Aero interface in Windows Vista can be quite taxing on system performance on certain computers and you can turn it off or reduce the screen resolution to increase computer performance. If there is a problem with the dwm.exe file on your PC, it may run incorrectly by showing you frequent error messages.

What causes dwm.exe errors?
Dwm.exe application error can be generated by several system problems:
*Missing or corrupt .dll files
*Exe processes inability
*Damaged or incorrect version of dwm.exe application error
*System shutdown without notification
*Annoying hardware malfunction
*High CPU usage
*Missing or corrupt driver file
*Driver update failure

How to fix dwm.exe errors?
As what I have said previously, this application error will happen whenever there has been a problem in initializing a program or a needed file correctly. That is, the problem may be caused due to corruption of the file, or a virus attack. So to solve this dwm.exe problem, what you can do first is fully scan your computer with a trusted antivirus antispyware program and remove all threats. Secondly, you can try restoring your system to a previous state if you have ever made a restore point before. But by using this approach, this will get rid of some of your files, programs that installed after the restore points.

If you are sure the file is deleted from the computer, directly download a new dwm.exe file. You can find any file from the internet for free, but not all of them are secure and effective. First, you should find a reliable download website or you can get dwm.exe file from other computer. Later, scan it with security program. Last, install it to the correct folder.

Also, you can follow the steps to disable Windows Error Reporting tool for fixing dwm.exe error manually if you are computer expert:
• Click Start and then go to Control Panel.
• In the Control Panel command, double click to start System and Maintenance.
• Find out and choose Problem Reports and Solutions to run the corresponding dialogbox.
• Click Change Settings on the left.
• Go to Advance Settings.
• Select Off to disable Windows Error Reporting.

Last but not least, you have to fix all registry errors. As the most important part the computer, registry controls the proper running of all the programs installed on your PC. Once some needed files are corrupted or broken as you install/uninstall programs, the Windows dwm.exe application error message will appear when the program cannot reach the correctly needed files. Hence, to always ensure the proper running of the computer and all of your programs, you should scan and fix registry errors at a regular basic.

With the above solutions, you can instantly troubleshoot and fix dwm.exe errors on your computer effectively. By the way, all those also help to prevent the further appearance of dwm.exe application error and some other related errors. It is much appreciated that you can keep on doing those tips in your daily computer life.

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