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What is epm.exe process and how to repair epm.exe error?

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Epm.exe is a very important process from Acer Value Labs, Taiwan belonging to Acer ePowerManagement and it usually gets onto your computer as you install the software. By default, it will be located under C:\Program Files and runs in the background as you start up the computer. If you find it under any other locations, take a very high CPU usage or frequently show an “Entry Point Not Found” error message, you need to pay more attention to check and deal with some errors on the PC. Otherwise, you will finally end up losing the whole PC.

repair epm.exe error

In many situations, any of the following reasons can cause the happening of an epm.exe error:
* Missing or damaged epm.exe file
* Corrupt or incompatible dll module
* Undesirable modification on the Acer ePowerManagement application
* IDT PC Audio inability
* Incorrect BIOS setting
* Spyware attacks

How to repair epm.exe error?
To prevent and fix an epm.exe error, you need to completely scan and remove all PC viruses. We all know that viruses, spyware programs are able to attack and remove any files from the computer. Annoyingly, they are able to disguise themselves as the legitimate files on your computer and do whatever it wants. If this is the case for you, then there is no doubt that you can get the “epm.exe is corrupted” error message. So, you should check whether your antivirus program’s signature database is up to date and then scan your system thoroughly to remove all computer threats from the computer. If the security program detects no virus, simply go to the following steps.

Secondly, you should check what you have just installed on the computer. Some newly installed program will sometimes conflict with those installed on the computer. If you start to get the epm.exe error message immediately after installing a new program, just uninstall it to see what happens. If the error disappears, it is easy to tell that the error was caused by program incompatibility. So a simple program uninstallation process will solve the exe error instantly. If you still get the epm.exe error message, turn to next solution.

Also, you can directly uninstall and reinstall the Acer ePowerManagement application trying to solve the exe error. If any file related to this program goes missing, corrupted and cannot be recalled properly, you can also come to the chance to get an epm.exe error message. A reinstall job helps to refresh the any corrupted file and can most of the time fix the epm.exe error.

However, the main reason for why you get the epm.exe error is a corrupt Windows registry. The registry is a database that contains all information to make all software and hardware on your computer to function properly. To fix this error for good, it is highly advised that you can clean your Windows registry with the professional registry cleaner tool. Only with a clean and compact Windows registry, will the system run smoothly all the time without any errors.

To sum, the epm.exe itself is a legitimate computer file; but it is disguised by some viruses and does whatever it wants on the PC, some unexpected errors will come on the neck of another. But there is no need to worry about such error anymore; with the simple above solutions you can effectively prevent and repair epm.exe error on your own.

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