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What is hpslpsvc32.dll and how to resolve hpslpsvc32.dll error?

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“Fatal error during installation Module C:\Program Files\HP\DigitalImaging\bin\HPSLPSVC32.DLL failed to register.”

solve hpslpsvc32.dll error

When trying to install the HP printer C4580 on a Windows computer or starting up the computer, you may come to the chance to get this hpslpsvc32.dll error message. But what is it? Actually, hpslpsvc32.dll is a vital file associated with HP Digital Imaging All-in-One printers and is normally listed as HP “Network Devices Support” service, whose purpose is to monitor the state and configuration of the HP devices attached to a network. When something goes wrong, you will soon suffer from the above error message or some unwanted blue screen problems.

How to resolve hpslpsvc32.dll error?
Most of the hpslpsvc32.dll error is caused by the virus attacks on your computer as viruses, spyware programs are able to attack all files on your computer. The missing file will make the Windows fail to successfully read the needed files and results in the hpslpsvc32.dll not found error or missing hpslpsvc32.dll error. So you should run a thorough virus scan to make sure that your computer is always virus-free.

If you are sure the file is missing from the PC, copy the same dll file from a networked computer. If you have a computer running on the same OS or having a similar set of programs installed, do a search in that computer and see if you can copy the hpslpsvc32.dll file. If so, directly paste it under your system32 folder to rewrite the missing hpslpsvc32.dll file.

Thirdly, you should update any outdated device driver. We know that device driver is an essential requirement for the system to smoothly run any application and hardware components. In case of incompatible or obsolete device drivers to cause the unexpected computer problems, you should pay attention to replace the old drivers with newer ones. If the applications are able to access every file they want, none hpslpsvc32.dll error message will happen. You can download and use a driver update program to replace the outdated drivers on your computer.

Last but not least, most of the time, the most common cause of this computer hpslpsvc32.dll error is caused by a corrupted registry. Registry errors will not only mess up the system, but also make Windows unsuccessfully to access the required entries. The easiest way to fix this is to run a registry repair toolkit as it will quickly scan your computer for potential problems and automatically fix them for you.

In my opinion, to fix hpslpsvc32.dll error on your own is quite easy if you know how to do. Just insist on performing the above steps in your daily life; then I believe you can easily enjoy an error-clean computer.

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