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Why do I continue to get the “Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed” error?

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on December 20th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Why do I continue to get the “Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed” error? Have you ever asked yourself when failing to access your account to send and receive emails properly? Right now, with the development and popularity of the online email clients, some users at the same time complain that they keep on receiving some unexpected error while trying to log onto their account just like the “Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed” error message. Maybe the solutions here will help you how to prevent and fix it.

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To prevent and get rid of the “Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed” error message, you have to make sure that you can access to the Internet properly. If you are not able to connect to the Internet properly, there is no doubt that you will fail to access your account, send or receive emails correctly.

Secondly, check your firewall settings to see whether there is something wrong. Sometimes, some third-party firewall will block the email Service and display the “Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed” error message. To do it, temporarily disable your firewall and then try logging onto your account again. If you are successful, check the firewall settings and let them to allow your email client to connect to the internet.

Also, you should ensure that you have configured the date and time format on your computer correctly. Almost all Instant Messengers need to work in realtime. So, the mistaken date and time settings of your computer can be a main cause for the error message to happen. If they are incorrect, simply open the Date and Time Properties dialog box by double-clicking on the time displayed in the bottom-right corner of the desktop to check and correct them.

Basically, you should know that every time you get an email, your email client will store it in a file for your future usage. But as time goes, this file will become huge and take a large amount of the store space. When you try to log onto the account, it has to load all of these files before starting up the system. The more emails you have, the more error messages you will get. At this time, you’d better go through your emails and delete all the useless emails. This helps to free up some space and make your startup faster than ever before without continue getting a “Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed” error message.

If the methods above do not help, then it must be caused by the system itself – Windows registry errors. As what I have stated early, the outdated Windows versions can cause the corruption in Windows registry. As the main part of the operating system, a minor mistake in Windows registry will cause kinds of unexpected computer errors including this “Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed” error message. So, you should run a computer registry cleaner to thoroughly detect and remove all registry errors from your computer without worrying that it will crash your system or cause other PC errors.

No matter in logging which email client you get the “Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed” error message, just wait and try a little later. If you fail after several retry, perform the above steps one by one. I believe you will soon be able to send & receive emails properly.

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