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Why does my computer keep restarting and how to fix this PC issue?

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You should be asking yourself “why does my computer keep restarting” even though you are running a new computer that just bought for only several months. Undoubtedly, the random computer restarting issue is very frustrating, especially finding it to restart without a reason while you are playing games or working on a very important project. This problem can occur due to some internal and external issues to greatly affect the computer productivity or cause data loss. But how can you fix such random computer restart problem easily?

stop computer restart problem

To stop random computer restarts, you need to keep PC away from Spyware. Spyware refers to any technology that aids in stealing your private or business information from your computer for commercial purposes through sneaking into your computer and seriously destroying your PC. Especially when it requires huge amount of system resources and network bandwidth to spread itself to remote PCs, it can drastically slowdown system performance or cause the computer to be sluggish or keep restarting at any time.

Secondly, install all available Windows updates. We know that there are numerous security holes and bugs in Windows that need to be fixed to improve computer performance as well as prevent and stop a computer from randomly restarting; for that reason, it’s really important to make sure that you have installed all of the latest updates and patches on your computer. By the way, an update job can also easily fix some other errors like no sound from computer.

Then, you need to uninstall the unnecessary programs. It is common that the computer users will install many programs on the computer but they hardly work with such software. Most of the time, these programs eat up valuable computer memory and system resources to greatly slow down the computer. So to fix computer restart problems, you should go through the Add/Remove Programs list and check the programs which don’t use at all, and then uninstall them one by one from your computer immediately.

Another cause of the random computer restart problem is that there are too many programs running at system startup. So if this is the case for you, you should click “Start” menu–Run and then type in “msconfig” to open System Configuration utility. Then, you have to go to the “Startup” tab and terminate some unnecessary startup services and applications. Do remember that the more services enabled at the startup, the slower startup would be as it will take much longer time for the operating system to run these services and applications before entering your whole system.

Furthermore, to fix computer keeps restarting problem, you’d better clean the Prefetch Cache. To do this, just enter the C:WINDOWS/Prefetch folder and delete all of the PF Files. Reboot your computer and it will boot much faster. Also, to ensure the faster system startup, it is recommended that you should regularly defragment your hard disk by running the Windows built-in Disk Defragmenter and remove all unneeded Internet temporary files with the Disk Cleanup tool.

Finally, same as removing viruses, a registry cleanup task is needed to fix random computer restart problem. Registry is the place storing all the settings and options of the Windows computer (including hardware and software) to make them always run properly. However, as we install or uninstall programs, some entry keys will be left in or removed from this database, making the Windows fail to access what it wants when starting. To make computer run smoothly without random restarts, the final thing that you need to do is to fix any of registry errors.

The above mentioned solutions have helped a lots of computer users to deal with the random computer restarting issue instantly. In my opinion, no matter you are suffering from this problem or not, you’d better maintain PC performance with those tips in your daily life. Thus, I believe there won’t be problem like “why does my computer keep restarting” anymore.

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