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Why does my Internet connection say “Limited access” and how to connect to the Internet correctly?

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on January 8th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Do you fail to access the Internet by getting an error saying “Limited access”, especially when you are trying to connect via a wireless Network connection? Sometimes, even though you have rebooted the router, it still does nothing. Why do you fail to connect to the web because of this “Limited access” message and how to connect to the Internet correctly without errors?

Internet connection problem

When getting the “Limited access” error message, restart the computer and try another Internet connection. It is best that you can connect to the Internet without some other program running at the same time. Sometimes some on-working programs will stop you from accessing to the Internet correctly.

Secondly, we all know that in many cases, we have a private folder for each user and a shared folder with multimedia that we all like to access. And most of the time, these shares are configured on a Lacie nas and since this device also makes parallel FTP users, we can’t put our multimedia in a public share if some guests log in over FTP or accessing Internet by giving an “Limited access” error message. To fix it, directly follow the instructions here:

*Browse to your server by using \\servername and then access your first share by providing credentials; now map this share as a networkdrive by right clicking on share ->map as network drive).

*Browse to your server again, but this time use another ip-address to access the server, take mine as an example:\\ Windows will not recognize that as this is actually the same share so you can go ahead and access your second share with different credentials and map this folder to another name.

Thirdly, you should check and remove all computer viruses from the computer. Viruses today are given different names, but do the same things to the computer – collect and steal users’ information, remove PC core files like wpcap.dll or hijack the browser, etc. One of the most common impacts of computer viruses is that they will bring in desperate computer slowness by eating up system resources and at the same time, they may stop you from connecting to Internet by displaying a “Limited access” or some other error messages. Moreover, a computer virus has the ability to reproduce itself and spread to the systems of other people or hijack your browsing activities. So, do remember to make sure that your computer is totally virus clean by running a professional anti-virus program.

Finally, you need to check and fix computer registry errors. Windows registry is part of the computer system to hold all settings and configurations of the computer. No matter which computer request you send, it will first access this database for the corresponding entries. Errors in the windows registry tend to bring in numerous error messages as well as stop you from accessing Internet by showing a “Limited access” error message. If the system cannot locate the required files to connect to the Internet correctly, some problems will happen. So the last thing you should do is to download and run a registry clean tool to thoroughly scan the whole PC and get rid of errors within the registry database. This way, you can always run the computer properly all the time.

In my opinion, a computer that fails to connect to the Internet can greatly affect the proper running of the PC by stopping you from visiting the desired pages and viewing the necessary contents. If you are suffering from a “Limited access” error message right now, follow the above steps to go right now. I believe you will soon be able to access the Internet without problem.

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