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Why does my laptop keep crashing? Get PC running properly all the time

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on February 23rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Do you have a laptop that keeps crashing unexpectedly? Want to get PC running properly all the time but do not know how to tweak it with little effort? Yeah, with the usage of the laptop and as you install various programs or due to some other unknown errors, it may run improperly or crash at any time. But in this article, I will show you “why does a laptop keep crashing” and how to maintain its performance which can save you from buying a new one.

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The first thing you should do when asking “why does my laptop keep crashing and how to do” is to make the PC viruses free. This is the most important thing to make things run much better all the time. For example, the car will run faster if it is clean without dirty sludge. And this is the same to the computer. To keep your files and folders tidy and in order in your virtual world and clear the unneeded entries plays very important part to maintain computer performance. Among those cleaning tasks, a powerful antivirus antispyware program is one that you should install. It completely scans the whole PC and get rid of all detected viruses immediately.

To get computer running properly, you still need to reasonably cut some unneeded Startup programs. Just like a human being, if a computer has to load lots of programs at one time, it won’t be running faster. So the second step to stop your laptop from unexpected crashes is to make sure that there are not too many unwanted programs automatically load at Windows startup. You can directly go to Start -> Run -> type “msconfig” and press “Enter” to get into the System Configuration Utility -> then you should disable the unneeded services within “Service” tab and unnecessary startup items within “Startup” tab. By cutting some unneeded startup items, the computer will be run at least 30% faster.

Thirdly, you should make sure that the disk is always tidy without useless files. To do this, you need to regularly delete some useless system junk files, TEMP files and clear the Recycle Bin by using the Windows built-in Disk Cleanup utility. In addition, you should regularly use the Disk Defragmenter to replace everything on the disk. We know that disk fragment may be one main cause for a frequently crashed computer as it consumes longer time for the system to read through and reassemble all associated parts of a same content, slowing down computer speed. So to stop your laptop from crashing suddenly, you’d better perform such easy tips before paying for the technicians.

Fourthly, you’d better diligently patch your system so as to stop it from crashing at any time. As we all know problems will occur if there are some system bugs on the computer as sometimes they will allow the hackers to break into your system & spy out data and violate your privacy. So do remember to download and install all available system patches. This helps to timely correct some bugs and enhance computer performance, avoiding the coming of some unexpected laptop crashes.

Finally, sometimes the random laptop crash problem can also be caused by problem system – Registry errors! Registry is the database of the Windows-based operating system to store all system data and settings. All of these data and settings are automatically saved as registry keys and entries as you install programs/add files to the computer to ensure their proper running. However, overtime, the Windows registry will be full of corrupted & invalid keys and entries to results in various problems like system slowdown, computer freezes, computer blue screen and even system crash. So to make the computer always run pleasantly without problems, it is better that you can fix Windows registry at least twice a week either manually or automatically with a registry cleaning product.

Following these steps and going through them can easily maintain PC performance & stop laptop from crashing suddenly. So, why not start tweaking your laptop computer from now on? Believe me; you will soon find the computer run properly all the time!

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