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Why does my Windows Explorer keep crashing? Fix Windows Explorer error quickly

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on February 1st, 2013 | Leave a comment

After starting up the computer, some will find a window pop up telling that “Windows Explorer has stopped working”. Even though you have restarted the computer, but the Windows Explorer keeps crashing again and again. Sometimes, even though you are to get it load, it does not response. And the only thing that you can do is to click Alt+Ctrl+Delete to bring in the Task Manage and then close the process manually.

Windows Explorer error

The first step you should do when finding your Windows Explorer keep crashing is to directly get the Windows into safe mode. This is a diagnostic mode of a computer operating system, under which only a few executable modules will be loaded and many non-core components will be disabled. This way, you can decide whether the Windows Explorer problem was caused by some additional hardware or software problems. To get into Windows safe mode, restart the computer and continuously press F8, select Safe mode with Networking and press Enter.

If there is no Windows Explorer error message appears within safe mode, directly skip to the third solution. If not, directly boot the computer into clean boot state. This most of the time helps to decide what really causes the problem. To do this, just follow steps here:

*Log on to the computer with an administrator right.
*Click Start, type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER to start the System Configuration utility.
*If you are asked for an administrator password or for confirmation, type it or provide confirmation.
*On the General tab, click the Selective startup option, and clear the Load startup items check box.
*On the Services tab, select the “Hide all Microsoft services” check box, and then click Disable all.
* Then restart your computer to see whether the Windows Explorer keeps crashing or not. If it does, contact your computer’s manufacturer as it might be caused by a problem existing within the computer itself. If it does not, check what you have recently installed or added to the computer, the incompatible ones will stop the Windows Explorer from crashing suddenly.

Thirdly, run the SFC (System File Checker) to completely scan and fix all corrupted system files. When the system cannot find the required file to load the Windows Explorer propery, it will also go crash unexpectedly. To run the SFC utility, you can simply follow the solutions here:
*Go to Start, run and type “SFC.EXE /SCANNOW” without the quotes into the box.
* Press Enter to go and now the System File Checker will verify the integrity of every protected operating system file on your computer.
*Restart your computer when the sfc /scannow did actually repair any files. Sometimes, it may not prompt you to restart, but you’d better restart it so as to make all changes take effect.
*If possible, you can repeat the above steps to see if sfc /scannow corrected the issue.

Fourthly, scan and remove PC viruses from the PC. Today, viruses are given different names according to their types or what they actually do on a computer. But no matter what is called, viruses, Trojan Horses or worm, they are all pieces of malicious codes or programs that can do severe damages to the computer, which includes slow down PC performance by eating up system resource, collect & steal your personal information, attack & remove any file from the PC, etc. Annoyingly, the computer viruses just like chicken pox virus are able to reproduce themselves and spread to the systems of other people that get in any sort of interaction with the infected PC. This way, when the system cannot locate the required entries to load your Windows Explorer, you will come to the chance to find it crash unexpectedly as well as fail to complete the install/uninstall job.

Finally, to effectively prevent and fix Windows Explorer keeps crashing error, you still have to fix computer registry errors. Windows registry is one of the most valuable databases within the Windows operating system. It is used to keep all the information and settings of the computer, ranging from simple users’ email information to software & hardware settings. However, this database is very easy to generate kinds of computer errors including the Windows Explorer error message at system startup when there are some errors existing. Actually, your operating system most likely has registry errors when it is processing your requests very slowly, when there are tons of error messages coming without any reasons, or when the computer crashes every once in a while. Remember that, a simple mistake within the Windows registry database will make the computer run improperly. So, the final thing you should do is to download and run a registry cleaning tool to completely scan your whole PC & get rid of all errors inside. With an error-free registry database, you can always run the computer correctly without problems.

Well, the Windows Explorer keeps crashing is quite frustrating and may stop you from viewing some files, folders on the computer properly. Take the above solutions and you will soon get all the Windows Explorer errors repaired within minutes.

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